“House of cards season 7”: will Claire’s Presidency start a new legacy ? Everything you want to know.

Home of Cards is a Drama sequence that rises the problems of political conduct. In season 1, Frank Underwood is celebrating the election of the president, Garrett Walker. Frank tries to make a deal of being a secretary nonetheless, Linda does not settle for the deal as a result of she wants Frank within the congressmen. Zoe, a reporter, discovering her approach to Washington information traps Frank in a clumsy scenario. Zoe asks frank that she will not viral the information if Frank helps her to get higher information. Frank provides him the information through which, Donald Blythe loses his job. Now, in accordance to Frank, he will take over his job however the president appoints interns to assist him out somewhat than Frank.

Now, Frank not needs to be a secretary, he creates a scenario through which he finally ends up being the President in season 1. He kills Peter Russo, after utilizing him in each approach to clear his approach by way of being the president. Zoe has a sexual relationship with Frank but in addition finds out that Frank just isn’t a good man and digs his approach of turning into the Vice chairman.

In season 2, Zoe finds out about Peter Russo, that his dying is likely to be a foul by blaming it on Frank. Frank kills Zoe and his associates freak out after her dying. However Zoe’s boyfriend tries to make his approach by way of Sam’s mobile phone. Being bailed by the hacker, Zoe’s boyfriend has to go to jail. Dough is lifeless, killed by Rachel who’s a prostitute, final dated peter. Frank pretends to be Walker’s buddy and sadly, he betrays him. In the long run, Frank turns into the official president of the state, and Walker has to resign.

In season 3, Frank makes Claire, his spouse, the Ambassador however later fires her for insulting somebody on TV. They’ve main relationship points this season. Dough is alive, he asks the hacker man to monitor Rachel, however he claims her to be lifeless within the fireplace. Frank Vs Claire as a result of Claire leaves him for his controlling conduct. Dough finds out Rachel is alive; he lets her go at first however modifications his thoughts and kills her.

In season 4, Frank is working in opposition to Heather Dunbar, nonetheless, he wins the election as all the time. Frank is shot by Zoe’s boyfriend however later recovers after Liver Transplant. Hammer Schmith is discovering precise proof for Zoe’s dying and manipulates everybody consists of Garrett Walker to communicate in opposition to him. Frank and his spouse turn out to be the president and the vice chairman.

In season 5, Frank steps down as Leann testifies in opposition to him, so, he kills her. He makes Claire a short-term President. What’s a president with out killing somebody on this sequence? So, she kills Tom who wrote a fiction novel on Frank and Claire’s relationship. In the long run, Frank tries to name Claire, and he or she declines it by saying, “It’s my flip now”.

In season 6, dough pretends that he’s on Frank’s facet simply to minimize him off by killing him however all this time he has been working for Claire. He finds a hidden audio recording which makes him loopy. Claire fires everybody and appoints new girls workers to work for her. Frank is killed by Dough and when he tries to kill Claire he stops as a result of she was pregnant. Earlier than he may rethink and stab Claire, Claire stabs him. Now she has no enemies left to minimize her down from being the president. There is likely to be a season 7 as there is no motive that it could come again, however let’s hope that it will come.


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