Everything We Know About ‘Grace and Frankie Season 6’: Plot, cast, release and much more


Grace and Frankie season 6 were premiered on Netflix on January 15. Grace and Frankie cast, including Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who are the main cast in the show has returned in season 6, along with some highly awaited guest stars. As was seen in the show’s previous seasons, this season also holds 13 episodes. But if you inescapably binge-watch all the 13 episodes in one night, there is nothing to worry, as Netflix has confirmed already that the seventh season of Grace and Frankie will be airing soon.

The seventh season is known to be holding a whole of 16 episodes. This season is planned to be the last season making Grace and Frankie to hold the record of the longest-running Netflix original series to be aired of all time.

Plot for the new Grace and Frankie season 6

The friendship between Grace and Frankie is seen to be changing too. The story picks up from, Grace officially becoming Mrs. Nick Skolka. Grace had already absconded with her rich suitor Nick (Peter Gallagher) at the end of Season 5, and Season 6 is picking up pace with the newlywed appreciating the new-age commodities that are the benefits of being a wealthy housewife that come with while she continues to work on her latest brainchild that is been taken up as a new business plan, The Rise Up toilet.

But Grace’s new interesting love life isn’t the only one seen to be currently heating up: Marta had also revealed in Grace and Frankie season 6, that Frankie will be having new flame this season.

Furthermore, Peter Gallagher is seen to return as Nick and Peter Cambor have returned as Barry, and, Marta Kauffman as the showrunner had confirmed in March 2019 at PaleyFest that Mary Steenburgen will guest-star in an episode and they have abided by this information.

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