‘The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4’: Tap Here To Know All The Details Regarding It.

For all the manga fans out there, here’s some good news for you. After a wait of three years, The Seven Deadly Sins will be back with Season 4 on Netflix. The series is based on the manga comic, written by Nabaki Suzuki. The series is a contrasting version of British Isles. The story is about a troop of knights who served the Lioness Kingdom. Eventually, they were termed, traitors for the assassination of Great Holy Knight Zaratras. A film based on it titled The Seven Deadly Sins The Movie: Prisoners Of The Sky was released in 2018.

Release date of Season 4 on Netflix

There still remains a considerable amount of story to be shown because of which Season 4 will be filmed soon. There has been official confirmation of it after its announcement made in Chapter 310. The upcoming season is named as “The Seven Deadly Sins- Wrath of the Gods”. It will consist of 24 episodes. The series will be released in Japan by October. It is expected to release on Netflix around July or August 2020. This time the series will be animated by Studio Deen. Last time it was done by A1 Pictures.

What happens next in “The Seven Deadly Sins”, the plot for Season 4

In the previous season, Zeldris along with his commanders took control over Camelot. Due to this, King Arthur had to flee away and went in hiding. As per the reports and the manga comic, there may be an unexpected turn of events, with secrets being unfolded. The relationship between Meliodas and Elizabeth may change its course. There are questions raising whether Meliodas continue to risk himself for Elizabeth, which will eventually fail him into his demon form? All these turns of events will be witnessed in the upcoming season.



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