‘Grace and Frankie Season 6’- Everything you need to know about it is in this article

Here’s some exciting news for everyone! Fans can’t contain their excitement as the Season 6 of Grace and Frankie dropped on Netflix on January 15th, 2020. After receiving positive reviews from the audience and from the critics as well, the ladies are back with Season 6. The show has also been renewed for its seventh installment, which is going to be the last.  Grace, a renowned cosmetic along and Frankie an art teacher have their lives turned upside down when their husbands fell in love with each other. This forces them to stay together, especially the two not liking each other well. The series follows with the difficulties and challenges they face together.

Release Date of Season 6

The ladies are back on Netflix being premiered on 15th January 2019. The show consists of 13 episodes. With the seventh season being the last of all, it is going to be of 16 episodes. This will make it longer compared to the other seasons. This will make it the second longest-running show on Netflix after Orange Is the New Black.

The cast for Season 6. Check Out Who All Are There!

The protagonist of the show Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will be back as Grace and Frankie. The other members include the likes of Sam Waterson, Martin Sheen, Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael, Baron Vaughn, Ethan Embry. Peter Gallagher and Peter Cambor will be returning back as their characters from the previous season. There may be a mini appearance of Mary Steenburgen in the season as stated by the created Marta Kauffman.

What happens in Season 6?

The previous season ended with Grace eloping with her lover Nick, Season 6 kicked off with the newly married couple enjoying their new life, with Grace developing a lavish lifestyle. Soon, they realize how they are getting older and decide to pursue a business of developing hydraulic toilets for senior citizens called “The Rise Up” toilet. Frankie, feeling isolated seems to think that Grace has made a big blunder. After a while, she gets involved with her ex-boyfriend. The season ended with Robert and Sol’s house being damaged due to the breakdown of the “Rise up Toilet”. Being homeless now, they decide to shift into their former partner’s houses. What complications will arise now? This will be seen in the next season.

If you still haven’t watched Season 6, what are you waiting for? Log into your Netflix account and witness the chaos of the ladies.

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