‘Endeavour Season 7’: Are we any close to the release date? Deets inside.

Starring Shaun Evans, there will be a Season 7 of Endeavour, and it is expected to return to Masterpiece on PBS in 2020.

What can we expect in Season 7 of Endeavor?
Russell Lewis is once again going to pen Season 7, who is the writer of all 27 of the existing episodes of Endeavour. And thus we can definitely foresee devilishly clever mysteries that will test the main character of our analytical and lonely hero, Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans), and his mentor, Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), in Oxford and its environs.

Is Shaun Evans Directing Again?
After the consistently positive experience displayed by the Endeavour cast and crew, plus the after effects itself of Evans’ direction of the movie Apollo, we definitely hope that he will be returning to both sides of the camera in Season 7.

Will Morse be still mustachioed?
At this current situation, a return of the mustache remains to be yet another great Endeavour mystery that is yet to be revealed.


The series is an Avante-Garde to the long-running detective drama series known as Inspector Morse (starring John Thaw). Endeavor, the title is meant to portray Morse’s first name that follows a young and junior Morse working as a detective for the Oxford City Police.

During the last season, it was seen that Morse and Thursday begin to investigate the death of a librarian, with links to a capacity widespread criminal treason and the murder of George Fancy (Lewis Peek). The series also saw the introduction of a significant facial feature.

However, from a series of seven images released so far, it seems that the Morse-tache won’t be making a reappearance.


Season seven will definitely see the return of all the major cast, including Roger Allam (Game of Thrones, The Thick of It) as Fred Thursday and Shaun Evans (Silk) as young Morse

However, and Endeavour’s love interest, Joan Thursday (played by Sara Vickers) and Fred’s daughter won’t be returning for season seven.




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