‘Russian Doll season 2’. Can you guess the release date? Check out what we’ve got.

Russian Doll of Netflix landed during February 2019 with a killer hook, a belittle and a gush: tough and smart-ass New York video-game creator Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) portrays her character who drinks, smokes and philander her way though her 36th birthday, then dies rather horribly while chasing her missing cat down. Then it is seen that she wakes up again at her birthday party and the same night starts all over again and repeating itself for more than twice.

To answer the question of whether there will be the next season, Netflix confirmed a second season last June for all the fans waiting eagerly.

One might wonder after having watched season one, that the story is finished and dusted. How could they produce another? Well the co-creator of the series of Russian Doll, Leslye Headland confirmed that they have pitched Netflix for three seasons yet to come.

Release Date

February 2020 is set for the second run of season 2 although there’s been no word going around yet that production for season two has even been initiated.

Cast: Who is going to be in for the next season?

Natasha Lyonne is a character who is fixed in the show. She is one of the writers, exec producers and one of the directors (she shares all these jobs with Amy Poehler and Headland), this is her thing. Her impetuous, bruised personality runs through the show exactly like nicotine and vodka, and it just simply couldn’t co-exist without her.

What still remains as a question is whether her fellow buddy will be joining her. Charlie Barnett had played a major role during the first season, but until more of season two is known to us, it’s unpredictable if Alan will reconcile with Nadia for the second season.



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