‘Dark Season 3’: Do we have any leads on the 3rd season? Take a look to know the details.

German science fiction thriller television series, Dark, is all set to go in its Season 3.

The show was the first German-language show that debuted on Netflix. It premiered for the first time on 1 December 2017.

The show, which revolves around the events that follow the sudden disappearance of a child and the secrets which are revealed, following the same, establishing a connection between four families.

It also explores the themes of time travel, with a conspiracy in the background, spanning three generations.

It is created by by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

The show was well-received, with many critics comparing it to Netflix’s original show, Stranger Things. It received mostly positive and favorable reviews.

Now season 3 of the show is in the pipeline.

When is Season 3 of Dark going to come out?

The season 3 of the show Dark is expected to come out, either in the fall of this year, i.e, 2020 or in the first half of next year, i.e, 2021.

The filming for season 3 of the show began in June 2019.

Who all will be a part of Season 3 of Dark?

Most of the cast of the show will remain the same in Season 3 of the show.

Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler), Maja Schöne (Hannah Kahnwald), Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald), Jördis Triebel (Katharina Nielsen), Stephan Kampwirth (Peter Doppler), will form the cast of the Season 3 of the show Dark.

What is expected to happen in Season 3?

In season 3 of the show, new storylines might emerge as it was revealed at the end of season 2 of the show that everyone could not only move through time but also, different dimensions.

What else the Season 3 of the show has in store is that it might explore what happened to Elizabeth and her father, as they shifted away from the bunker.




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