‘The Society Season 2’ Air Date, Leaked Trailer, [Spoilers], New Cast And Possibilities. Check out all the latest updates.

Fans are fussing over about what will happen to the kids of West Ham? Don’t worry, all your questions are certainly going to be answered. With the first season being much adored and getting critical acclamation, The Society is returning back with Season 2. The story is about a group of teenagers who are the only remnants in their town in Connecticut. It follows with the kids fighting for their survival with limited resources in hand. They form their own society as there no longer exists an outer world.

When Is Season 2 Returning?

After the first season was out in May 2019, in July it got renewed for another season. It is expected to be released in 2020. The date of the premiere has not been confirmed yet. With certain ambiguity around the release date, there are possibilities of the show being released in May 2020 as per the release of the first season. No news regarding the official release has been out yet. It seems fans might have to wait a little longer to satiate their curiosity.

Who All Will Be There For The Upcoming Season?

With half of the troop surviving the grave danger in which they are stranded, most of the cast from the previous season will be back. This includes- Christine Froseth, Catherine Newton, Jack Calliman, Tobias Wallace, Alec McNicol, Jack Mullaren, Salana Qureshi, Gideon Adlon, Natasha Liu Bordeaux, Olivia Dijon, José Julián and Spencer House. The other characters of the show i.e Rachel Keller, Chloe Levine and Seth Meriwether will not be a part of the upcoming season. This is because of their character being killed off in Season 1. As such, no new addition to the cast has been announced.

Story So Far And What We Can Expect Next?

With the teenagers stuck in West Ham with no other population around them, they forge their own society in order to survive. With limited resources left and a dense forest approaching towards them, the pack creates rules of their own. The season followed with the duo- Gordy, and Bean finally decoding the mystery behind them being stranded. It was revealed that they are not in actual West Ham city but in the same place in a parallel universe.

But, they could not figure out the path of going back home. The final season concluded, where the actual West Ham city is shown without the teenagers. A board containing the names of the missing kids was put up with the title “We Remember Them”. It seems the town thinks, the children are dead and have no clue what has happened with them.

There is a probability of the upcoming season revealing what led these children to be thrown into such danger. Will the children figure their way out? What new threat the teens are about to face? Will anyone from town come in aid for them? The mystery will continue until Season 2.


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