‘Jaden Smith’ a Gay? Is Jaden dating Grammy winner Tyler The Creator? Know everything here!

Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator, are the two renowned American Rappers with several awards and acknowledgment. The duo has been on top with the controversy attached to them. The very question of their relationship. Read further to know in detail


Jaden Smith is an actor, rapper, performer. He has played many iconic roles such as Lead in Karate Kid, Featured in Pursuit of Happyness with his Father Will Smith, After Earth, etc. He has various rap albums much lauded. When it comes to his relationship perspective, he dated Sara Synder at the age of 17, although things were not as smooth as captured by paps. Currently, the trendy spiced up matter of Jaden exposing his preference claiming him dating Tyler The Creator.


Tyler The Creator 28year old rapper debuted his solo mixtape back in 2009 titled Bastard; later, he has launched many other grooving hits. With the recent award for Best Rap Album Tyler received in Grammy 2020, it was an immense emotional moment for his career.


Despite clear signs and messages all over the industry, the denial is still upfront. Jaden has precisely not once but at several incidents expressed his feelings for Tyler.


Right from the beginning in 2015, Jaden tweeted ” I think I’m in love with you, I Don’t Know I’m still figuring it out, but in the meantime, Happy Birthday” this tweet was the outbreaking sensation as many magazines, publications claimed with a headline reading “Jaden has finally come out! He confirms he’s a gay”.
Later in 2018, he then tweeted, saying, “Yup @tylerthecreator I told Everyone, you can’t deny it now.”
To which Tyler retweeted, “hahaha, you a crazy man.”

Not just here, but Jaden has openly made statements evidently saying, “he has been my boyfriend since forever” also that “he is shy.”
Tyler has not yet agreed to Jaden’s revelation; it seems he does like girls but somehow ends up with the brothers of those girls, which makes a complex discovery to his sexuality.
Post the recognition as Best Rap Album, Jaden referring to Tyler tweeting, ” My Boyfriend just won a Grammy.” Although Tyler’s still has no open thoughts on the same.
Well, the chase is sure going to be a long-run play.

It’s better to say its complicated!

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