Jaden Smith is seriously ill, parents Will and Jada pinkett Smith worried! Relationship revelation of Jaden Smith turned has left everybody shocked! Read every detail further!

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith has always been a headline scoring the top of the trending list. American rapper, actor, songwriter, has been a controversial celebrity for a real period. With all the illness, dating misconception, and then sexuality disclosure Jaden has been the happening t topic by far.


Jaden was born to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on 8th July 1998, had his major acting debut as Christopher in Pursuit of Happyness 2006 for which he was awarded in 2007, in the following year he acted in After Earth, with the upcoming years he skilled the art of acting and been a crucial part of many projects such as The Karate Kid, The Day the Earth Stay still.

He then took a break to experiment with his passion rapping. He released his first Official rap with Justin Beiber, “Never say Never” which was instantly a huge sensation crossing the billboard top 100.
His solo mixtape “The Cool Cafe,” his first album studio “Syre,” singles from that hit the fame with not many days far of release.
He has also been a fashion icon with his eccentric sense of dressing.


Jaden was diagnosed with a medical condition that occurred in consequence of deprived nutrients and specific vitamins, making him appear an anorexic patient. The reason for this sudden illness was a result of a drastic lack of Vitamin B12, Omega 3, Vitamin D due to the cutting of meat, and turning into a Vegan. Deficiency of these basic elements caused him to look sick when he eventually consulted Dr.(Dr. Hayman, Nutritionist Mona Sharma ). He was asked to make changes in his diet, which gratefully he has agreed to.

He is recovering from the condition, hopefully with all the necessary ingredients forming his diet, reducing the imbalance normalizing the health.

However, Smith’s family was discouraged again with his recent revelation of him dating Tyler The Creator, appearing to be just a one-side love story as there is no official acceptance or denial from Tyler’s part. Trouble is an old friend to Jaden, probably. Parents are quite worried about his controversial statement. Nothing can be assumed until the silence breaks, and Tyler has a lethal response to the claims made by Jaden.

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