Is Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith dating Tyler, the Creator ? Click to know all the details.

We all are well aware of the famous and talented rapper, songwriter, and actor Jaden Smith. The Karate kid star is dating the Grammy winner Tyler, the creator, and its confirmed.

Jaden Smith, made his debut in the year 2006 with the Pursuit of Happyness. He made his debut movie with his father Will Smith. Jaden Smith, has given us many incredible movies like The Karate Kind where he worked alongside the amazing Jackie Chan. And to everyone’s surprise, he even rapped in the OST of the movie with Justin Beiber. He worked in another marvelous movie alongside his father, known as “After Earth”.

However, there have been many dating rumors of Jaden. He was rumored to be dating many Female Celebs in the past like Odessa Adlon, Sarah Snyder, Kylie Jenner, and Stella Hudgens. But to everyone’s surprise, at Camp Gnaw Festival California in the year 2018, Jaden openly revealed that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend. Jaden was on the stage when he said that Tyler is the best guy and his best friend. After which he added that Tyler doesn’t want the news to come out but the truth is Tyler was his boyfriend and he loved him so much.

To which, Tyler just smiled and waved at the crowd.

In the year, 2020, Tyler the Creator won Grammy. Being a proud boyfriend, Jaden tweeted “My Boyfriend Just won a Grammy.” He also mentioned Tyler being his boyfriend in the year 2018 in an interview.

The IGOR famed rapper, Tyler, the Creator have never commented on this matter. He neither denied nor accepted his relation with Jaden.

As for Jaden’s parents, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith this news definitely came as a shock but they have no comments regarding this, and they are just focused just on improving their son’s health.


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