Brit Marling Returing to’The OA Season 3′? Has Netflix Renewed The Show? Do We Have A Release Date Yet? Click Here To Know More

The OA or abbreviated as Original Angel is an American fantasy-based mystery-drama web series. It is a fictional show dealing with science and supernatural powers. It is created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij for Netflix. The show premiered on December 16, 2016, with eight episodes. The second season took a long time to be produced and so was released after almost two-and-a-half years, on March 22, 2019.

Has Netflix Renewed It?

On August 5, 2019, Netflix canceled the show abruptly. Netflix has been canceling a lot of shows lately, and this show has ended as one of them. The second season ended with a cliffhanger as the creators had a plan to showcase the story in five parts, giving rise to five seasons. But the sudden cancellation has led them to shock and upsetness.

The Plot:

The series is about Prairie Johnson, a young woman who returns after seven years of disappearance and claims herself “The OA.” She has got scars on her back and can see despite being blind while she disappeared. As she returns to her adoptive parents, she refuses everybody about her life these years but forms a team of five- four high school students and a teacher, and only discloses them the truth. She starts a portal to another dimension and helps rescue other missing people with them. She goes to the other dimension but ends up in San Francisco and helps Karim Washington to find a missing girl.


  • Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, The OA
  • Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts
  • Patrick Gibson as Steve Winchell
  • Phyllis Smith as Betty or BBA
  • Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills

Since we have no official news on season 3, so no trailer, release date, plot, and cast details are available, most fans think that either the show is not canceled, and this is just a tactic to increase its views or Netflix will surely revive this successful series. The fans too got upset by the sudden cancelation of such series at an incomplete stage and so started a hashtag to save it.

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