‘Attack on Titan Season 4’: When is it releasing? Plot centring the Epic Fight, Characters, Trailer and All Details You Need To Know

Attack on Titan is a Japanese dark fantasy and action-related animated TV series. It is based on the manga series of the same name, and the first season premiered with twenty-five episodes on April 7, 2013. When the final episode of the second part of the third season was released on July 1, 2019, the producers announced the equally happy and sad news that there will be a fourth season but that it will be the finale of the anime series. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date:

The fourth and last season is scheduled to be released in Fall 2020 on NHK General. So the season is expected to be released during October 2020 as per the announcement made last year. But no new updates based on the scenario now has been made. So no delay is expected in the release as of now.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Expected Plot:

The story is about a world where the cities are surrounded by huge walls due to the Titans. The Titans are giant humanoid beings who eat humans without any reason. When a Titan attacks the town of Eren Yeager, he and his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, join the Scout Regiment, an elite group of soldiers. 

Though no confirmed detail about the plot of season four is out, after the finale of the third season, it is expected that the Survey Corp might wage war with the nation of Marley. Zeke is leading Marley’s quest and possesses the power of the Armoured Titan, Cart Titan, and Jaw Titan. Eren possesses the power of Coordinate Titan, and hence, an epic fight between the two is highly expected.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Characters:

  • The lead, Eren Jaeger voiced by Yuki Kaji(Japanese) and Bryce Papenbrook(English)
  • Mikasa Ackerman voiced by Yui Ishikawa(Japanese) and Trina Nishimura (English)
  • Armin Arlert voiced by Marina Inoue(Japanese) and Josh Grelle(English)
  • Reiner Braun voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya(Japanese) and Robert McCollum(English)

Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer:

A small teaser was released on June 30, 2019, by Anime TV. If you have not watched it yet, then watch it below.


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