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CONFIRMED!!! Kate Beckinsale is dating this celebrity. Her INSTAGRAM post confirms

The gorgeous Kate Beckinsale was back on the news due to speculations regarding her dating the celebrity Goody Grace, and now the same has been confirmed. Read on to know everything about this cute couple and their history.

Let’s get to know about the celebrity in question first. Kathrin Romary Beckinsale was born on 26 July 1973. She is a famous British actress. Some of her famous works include but are not limited to Shooting Fish, The Last Days of Disco, Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, Underworld, and the list goes on. She was married to Welsh actor and political activist Michael Sheen from 1995-2003. In 1999, they were blessed with a daughter named Lily. After the couple fell apart, she married American film director, screenwriter, and producer Len Wiseman and the marriage continued through 2004-2019. After this, in January of 2019, there were reports of her American dating comedian and actor Pete Davidson. But after dating for a few months, the couple amicably ended their relationship in April 2019 due to the long-distance relationship.

It was then that she met her current Canadian musician boyfriend Goody Grace, who is 22. Apparently, the couple had started dating at the beginning of 2020 and are still going strong. Beckinsale has publicly stated that the 22 year age difference between them doesn’t bother her. Age is nothing but a number. According to her, Goody Grace is very mature, smart, and creative, and she enjoys his company. The couple is currently quarantined together in her home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There have also been some cute pictures of the couple holding hands on a hike.

After her relationship with Goody Grace was revealed, Beckinsale had to face some trollers online, but the star gave them fitting replies that clearly state that she is proud of her choices and doesn’t require others’ opinions. And we adore her for this trait.

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