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Baki coming with season 3 – Baki and Yujiro Hanma Fight!! Here are all the details regarding the great raitai championship!!

Fans should be really happy as their wait is over, eventually, now you can have a deeper glimpse of the much-awaited fight. Here we are talking about the third fraction of the manga sequel, the great raitai tournament saga. Moreover, the date on which it was expected to be dropped on the screen of the viewers is June 4, 2020, I.e., today itself.

Highlights from the last two season:

While watching the last two seasons, you might have focused on the fact that how the Baki evolved to be a great fighter. During the starting of the anime, we saw that he knew nothing about the fighting and was a cute little boy. But, that fighting blood was in his dynasty and that’s why he was also matured with the same.

Soon, after he started participating in the hand to hand fights. He got to learn more about the techniques of how to easily win the games from the opponent. This, fortunately, resulted up in making him the world master of tournaments likewise his father who was a great fighter. Eventually, nobody dared to fight with him unless he was sure that he could stand in the field.

Baki’s parents:

As the fans must have already known the fact that baki belonged to the fighter family. His father was a renowned personality and was a world champion in the field. The name of his father was the great fighter, Yujiro Hanma.

Apart from this, his mother was also supportive. Her character was named as Emi Akazawa and she was a very polite lady. Although, she was very rich but then too she never disappointed her son. She always wanted her son should also become a renowned personality like her husband and make her proud by winning the championships.

Fighting with the father: Yujiro Hanma

As we already told you that Yuji was a world-class champion and his son was also like him. But eventually, he was his father and was much stronger and intelligent than him. The reason behind this was also that he was in this field way back before his son even existed. That’s why he knew the way more best techniques and moves than Baki knew.

On the other side, we also see how Baki has developed the stamina from so long years to stand in front of his father. So that he could win against him skillfully. That’s the only parts fans are waiting for enthusiastically. Eventually, nobody knows that what would be the results of this tournament. Either the son will win or the father?.

The venom flowing in the veins could lead the path in two ways I.e., either win or loss. Consequently, his father could see them too as he has to fight with his own son. Let’s see what will happen!!