David Thewlis cleared up and shared all the acknowledged facts for his upcoming film Avatar 3 in 2023!!

After the announcement made regarding the harry potter famed teacher, David Thewlis. Fans went into confusion regarding his role in the upcoming film avatar. Many speculations were made and eventually, it was not cleared that in which movie he would be seen. Therefore for clearing the doubts of his fans he confirmed the news by giving certain evidence to the fans. But what he confirmed and what would be his role is still unconfirmed to the fans. Hence, for making it more certain we are here with all latest buzz.

Confirmation for the third avatar film:

According to our sources, the actor alleged the same by giving the evidence to the media. He further claimed that the next time when he would be seen in such character is in the year 2023.


Eventually, as the film achieved success after it’s box office release. Fans want crazy and started speculating for some more sequels. Therefore, the creators decided to come up with some more parts of the film and currently they are in their shooting phase.

Claims about the second sequel:

For giving a more clear picture to his fans, he confirmed that he won’t be seen in the second part of the film. Eventually, further, he also claimed that picturization for both the film was performed concurrently for the second and this parts. That’s why the media would have got confused regarding his role in the film. Eventually, he showed his hate to the magazine he falsely claimed that he would be seen in the second sequel also.

Praises for the director:

While working in the avatar team, he shared that he had a wonderful working adventure with the creators of the film. Moreover, he showed his gratitude towards the director for casting him in the film. Along with this piece of reports, he shared some additional facts regarding his work. He said that for now, he can confirm that the creators are impressed with his acting. That’s the reason behind the fact that he would be seen in the two additional films in the future for the avatar.

Working experience with the team:

We all know that it’s a motion picture and that’s why his role was also being shot like that only. He confessed his true feelings while wearing the suit for all-day long. Moreover, he and that he started considering himself as an old man, who doesn’t know any work and is learning. Although the actor has reached at the age of 57. Therefore, we can consider the fact that the above statement is solely attached to him.


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