“Katie Holmes” Dating : Rumor has it that she was spotted with someone! Read to find out the truth!

About Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is an American actress. Her full name is Kate Noelle Holmes. She was born on December 18, 1987. She is well known and popular in Hollywood as an actress, director, and producer. Her one of the most popular role was on the TV series Dawson’s Creek in which she played Joey Potter.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce

Katie is also popular as the ex-wife of the actor Tom Cruise. Their marriage lasted only for some time, from 2006 to 2012. Their divorce in 2012, led to a very great deal in media as well as their fans who called them “ TomKat” and super couple. They also have a daughter; her name is Suri Cruise.

After their split, the media and fans are always trying to find out about whom these two stars are now dating. Katie Holmes has always been the type to keep a low profile about her personal life. Since everyone keeps an eye on her, it is not easy to hide; hence, some incidents lead us to some hints about her love life.

After her divorce, let’s say a year, there were rumors that she is dating a fellow actor, “Jamie Fox.” They started going out in 2013; however, they never commented anything about their relationship. There were many times when both of them were spotted holding hands and laughing together, but when asked any question about their relation, both of them denied.

Confirming Relationship!

Finally, after years, the couple indirectly confirmed the dating rumors and revealed that they were together.

However, Jamie Fox was spotted with Sela Valve (model and singer) in May 2019. This was a major clue that there are problems between the couple. However, later the misunderstanding was cleared, but after that, James and Katie were never spotted together. This made us wonder that the couple may have broken up in May or June of 2019.

We are still unsure if they are together or not, but according to the sources, Katie is currently focusing on her daughter Suri while waiting for her true love. Let’s hope she will find her true love soon !!

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