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“Solo Leveling Season 2” returns with “Jo Byung – gyu” and “Hwang Chi-yeul”: The” Weakest ” became the “Bravest”!

It’s not only the story of a young boy. But actually, it carried the emotions of thousands of people with it. Yes, we are talking about none other than game solo leveling. With its plotline, this anime was able to create a huge fan following. Eventually, after that, the fans were looking forward to yet another amazing season. But wait, is there is bad news regarding the upcoming season or everything is fine ?. Let’s check it out!!

The Release Date of Solo Leveling Season 2:

No release date yet, but why?? The answer to this quest lies with no one. But for now, the better option is to go with the consequences of COVID 19. And thereby, now you have to wait till an unexpected time. Then only you would be able to see some new action scenes.

Along with the pandemic, we heard that there are some internal issues also which are stopping the show to touch the screen. Therefore, for now, you don’t have any option left except waiting.

Only I level Up:

This is the caption for the English version of the series. Further, the story revolves around a poacher who is designated along with the group of other hunters for killing the monsters. He has to be brave for fighting with all unusual happenings. And also, for saving the people of his town. The bravest of all, the boy raised up in the hardships and of course, the protagonist of the show is named Sung-Jin Woo.

Plotline from the last season:

The last season shows how the” weakest ” became the “bravest”. That’s right, the story focuses on the event which took place in the like of Sung to make him the superhero among his group. This incident took place when he got caught up in jail along with some fellow mates. And like all other heroes, he was the only survivor from the threat. This was the only climax that took to rotate the whole angle of the show.

Further, if we are looking for the story of another season. Then it’s sure, that we would be seeing how he would evolve to he bravest. Not for the self but, eventually in the eyes of his fellow mates.