“Beastars Season 2”: Who is the team’s murderer? Who will reveal the truth? Read to find out!

Beastars is a Japanese manga series written by Paru Itagaki. The anime was first aired in 2019 on Fuji TV. The anime is also licensed by Netflix. The second season is set to release in 2021.

The anime series has received many awards like ‘The Manga Taisho’ award. It is the most famous anime. The anime revolves around a modern world of creatures that divides carnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Beastars Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status

The first season was a hit after its debut on Netflix. The official announcement from Netflix of the second season was not a surprise since fans expected it. It was renewed by Netflix in December 2019.

Beastars Season 2: Characters

  • Legos
  • Haru
  • Jack
  • Voss
  • Juno
  • Gouin
  • Louis
  • Collot
  • Kai
  • Sanou
  • Mizuno

~Many Others~

Beastars Season 2: Plot

The anime’s plot is all originally from the manga itself. Hence we know what the second season will show us. Based on the ending of the first season, we can see in what direction the story will go. We will find out about the team’s murderer. The murderer is someone we already know as we saw Legoshi telling him that everyone is waiting for both of them.

We do not want to give any more spoilers for those fans who have not read the manga. Just know that it will follow manga’s chapter 48-98.

Beastars Season 2: Trailer

Beastars Season 2: Release Date

Currently, we do not have any official release date for Beastars season 2. The original releasing date of the second season was August 2020. Although it does not require the shooting process, it is possible that the second season’s releasing date will get postponed because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are still not sure whether we will get to see it on time or not. The series will first release in Japan before coming on Netflix. The official website says that if not in 2020, then we can expect the second season in 2021, but there is no fixed date as to when it will get released.







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