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| On 4 weeks ago

Japanese Anime series “Haiyakuu season 4”: New season starts after the “Volleyball championship”!

New and inspiring plots are rare these days. Everything is just about fantasy, drama, and love. It doesn’t matter if it is anime or not. But Japanese anime series Haiyakuu is just different. Different from the regular drama, action, and fantasy. And it’s fans love that about it. Since 2014, it is conquering every anime fans in the world.

And after three amazing and rare season, it’s fans are waiting for the brand new season. Which I have to say is running quite behind the time. Yes! Its previous season was ended back in 2016. And since then, everyone is waiting for the release of the next season.

When Haiyakuu season 4 is going to land on the platform?

Everyone is asking the same question, but there is no fixed answer to that. Yes, Everyone thought that finally, this is the year— year when they are finally going to see their favorite show. Buts it’s like Pandemic throw cold water on their hope. Yes! Like many shows, Haiyakuu season 4 is postponed, and every fan has to wait for more for their favorite sports series.

What is the possible plot of Haiyakuu season 4? And it’s character.

Its plot is inspiring in many ways. It is the story of a short-statured boy who dreams of achieving big in the sports field. He aspires to become a volleyball player, and after working so hard, he achieves that. This show shows the journey of an aspiring and then star volleyball player, Shoyo Hinata. And the new season will start after the Volleyball championship.

All the characters are coming back from Karasuno High School. Shoyo Hinata, Daichi Sawamura, and all the other students of high school will come back. So get ready for another Volleyball battle at Karasuno High and book your seat for the star player Shoyo Hinata and his tricks.