Netflix Series “Dark Season 3”: How “Jonas” arrived someplace which turned heartless? Read to find which place!

Dark is a first German TV series on Netflix. The series is created by Barn Bo Odar and Janie Friese. The series debuted on Netflix on 1 December 2017. The first season of the series was a hit, and it received positive reviews as well as loved ones from the fans. It was also said that the plot of the series  resembles another series on Netflix’s named “Stranger Things.”

The second season of the series debuted on 21 June 2019. The second season of the series debuted after a year and a half of the first season, and its plot was bigger than the first season.

Dark Season 3  : Cast

  • Andreas pietschmann as The stranger
  • Louis Hofmann as Jonas kahnwald
  • Jordis Triebel as Katharina Nielson
  • Maja schone as Hannah kahnwald
  • Angela Winkles as Ines kahnwald
  • Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielson
  • Peter Schneider as Helge Dopper
  • Lisa Vicari as Martha Nielson
  • Mark Waschke as Noah

Dark Season 3  : Plot

Throughout the series, it revolves around time traveling. The series revolves around the dark past of the four generations that cannot be changed: the confusing family relations and many more complications.

This season of the series is the final and all the mysteries, all the things that were left out in the first and second season will be shown and solved in the third season. The show will reveal that by setting an apocalypse, Jonas tries to undo the time making him the villain of the series. This season will reveal how Jonas arrived at this world and how he became so stone-hearted as he killed his other half. It will also reveal whether Jonas is in this dimension or in the other.

Dark Season 3: Releasing Date

 The third season of the series will make its debut on 27 June 2020.

This date was intentionally decided as it lines up with the plot of the series as it is the date of the last cycle and the apocalypse.

Dark Season 3: Trailer

The trailer of the third season was out on 11 June 2020.




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