“Hocus Focus Season 2”: Return of new season with a “New Story line”? Read top find out!

Are you like witches, we have seen in many movies in which witches have some horror and haunted look, they use to trouble people. But some movies which are filled with full of comedy, Do you understand what I am talking about yes which is encircled with the Horror comedy, suspense, mystery after seeing this movie you can’t stop your launching That level comedy in that Movie.

Yes, here is the good news for the fans That Hocus Pocus 2movie coming very soon.

Let’s Go back to know about this Movie:

In the year 1993, Hocus Pocus 2 came. Hocus Pocus 2 is an American comedy Horror film, which is written by Neil Cuthbert And Mick Garris and directed by Kenny Ortega. But Now this time Hocus Pocus director is Adman Shankman.

This Movie is based on horror-comedy in which there were three sisters who are witches known as The Sanderson sisters. In this film, we saw their witches sisters who create comedy with their powers. The story of this film follows the three witches who are burned at stake in the 17-century Salem.

After all these, we saw a boy who was in his teenage boy’s name was Max, who ended up at the witch’s old home. After he blows the black flame candle by mistakes, and suddenly we saw that Sanderson sisters came back. On the other side, we saw there were two girls, and in both them, one is max’s sister name Dani and one is a local girl. Allison. Where they both were planned to team up and tried to stop witches.

What was the ending of that film, which creates a blast In the ending we saw after the went of Sanderson sisters Dani, Max, and the local girl said goodbye to the cat. What we can expect about this Movie for the second season we will see where the ends of season form where the creators make the second season what, but it is possible that they can come up with a new storyline. But we are sure that there will be more adventure and comedy here.

What is the cast of Hocus Focus Season 2:

As we saw in that movie, the three sisters make you laugh very much AS this is sure as per the reports that this trio you will see in the Movie some name of Najiny as Mary Sanderson, Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson, Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson. And according to the reports, Sarah Jessica Parker said something about Movie.

Parker recently said somewhere that “I believe it is something Bette Middler, Kathy And I am very glad to no know most of the people are talking about this Movie for a long time and yes it’s going in reality because I was not aware of it.but this is the time to go forward as we said publicly for working in this Movie. It will be great fun and comedy after a very long time.”
What is the release date:

As we all know that According to the present situation, there is no official announcement about releasing this Movie, but this Movie will be coming on Disney+. We are expecting in July, but if it will not happen, then the possibility of releasing it in 2021.

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