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“Solo Leveling Season 2”: Will “Sung Jin-Woo” become the most powerful hunter? Read to find out!

” Solo leveling” is an action, fantasy anime series adapted from a South Korean web novel of the same name, which has been illustrated by Jang Sung Rak. The original web novel was written by Chu-Gong. KakaoPage started the series in 2018, and the last episode of the first season was aired a few months back in March 2020. The series quickly won the hearts of fans all over the world and was nominated as the #1 webtoon at Piccoma’s ” Best of 2019″. The webtoon is all set to release in English as well by Webnovel.


The story basically starts on the fantasy theory that there are two parallel dimensions- the one we live in and the world of monsters and ghastly creatures. Suddenly there appears an interdimensional portal between them, leading to the formation of a group of people called the “hunters”- who acquire the ability to hunt these monsters and keep them away from our world. The story revolves around Sung Jin-Woo, who is sort of an underdog, regarded as the weakest among a lot of hunters.  Due to an unfortunate accident, a lot of the hunters perish in a dangerous dungeon, and only a few of them, including Sung Jin-Woo, survive. He’s the only one to complete all the trials in the dungeon.

As the story progresses, we find that he imbibes greater powers, hence turning into a “player.” Will he become the most powerful hunter? How will he do so? Can he save our world from coming to an End? Will he be able to close the Portal? Well, we can’t wait to have our questions answered, can we!


The protagonist of the story, Sung Jin-Woo, is all set to make a grand entry in the second season of this anime, and we can’t be more excited! Apart from that, other characters like Jo Byng Gu and Go Joon Hee are also going to be back.


With the huge popularity and viewership of Solo Leveling: Season 1, we can be pretty sure that the producers will be back with more. Although no official announcements have been made, fans have already started petitions to try and convince the creators. So be sure to sign up for one of those petitions the next time you see one! If one does come out, it would probably be by mid-2021, if there aren’t any major setbacks due to the current pandemic situation.

Till then, sit back and enjoy Season 1 if you haven’t seen it already!


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