“Altered Carbon Season 3”: Altered Carbon has to be shot in “Vancouver City”! Will corona virus act as a barrier?

Diyah Pera / Netflix Anthony Mackie stars as Takeshi Kovacs in season two of "Altered Carbon," now streaming on Netflix.

Altered Carbon is a  series based on Richard. K. Morgan Novel Cyberpunk Novel. It is a Netflix Web series.  It is an Sc-Fi series. It is the Story of  Takeshi Kovacs (Main Character in the Plot) and how he turned investigator to solve a Murder mystery. The Series has released 2 Seasons so far.  The First Season consists of 10 episodes and premiered on Netflix on feb2, 2018. The First Season got tremendous response from the fans and the makers have renewed Season 2 with 8 episodes on Feb27, 2020. Both the Seasons received Good ratings and positive reviews from the people.

Altered Carbon Season 1 & 2:

The Series story The First episode has been set in 2384. The Season 1 Plot is Picturized in the year 2384 in Bay-City.  In Season 1 Takeshi Kovacs (Main Character ) wakes up after 250 years in order to Solve a rich man’s murder. As Kovacs offered immense wealth and freedom he takes up the case and Solves. In Season 1 and Season 2, Takeshi Kovacs plays an important role.  Season 2 has got a Very good  Cast and the Plot had enough twists and turns. Season 1 & 2 both got a very good response from the Sc-Fi lovers. Both the seasons got Good Support from the audience and Makers are in thinking of producing season 3

The Release date of Altered Carbon Season 3? 

All the Fans are eagerly waiting to watch Season 3 of the Altered Carbon. However, the makers of the series are tight-lipped about the Season 3 updates and whether it is going to streaming or not. Producer of the Series John G. Lenic did not make any official announcement regarding the Season 3 so far. It is believed that Season 3 is soon to be aired at the end of 2021 or the 1st half of 2022.

Altered Carbon has to be shot in Vancouver City and  British Columbia, and the other surrounding locations, So the filming may take  Average  6-8 months. So We can expect Season 3 at the end of 2021. Also, it depends upon the actor’s Schedules and Availability.  If everything goes well and smooth soon we can expect the series in June 2021!

What is Plot of and Cast of Altered Carbon Season 3?:

Altered Carbon Season 3 Cast may have a Great change. According to the Plot, New Cast may come in. However, it’s too early to tell who might be cast in Season as the announcement yet to happen. and the Casting choices yet to be decided by the Show Creators. However, everyone wants to see Anthony Mackie who played Kovacs on Season return for Altered Carbon Season 3. If the writers follow the same narration to each Season there is no sought that Mackie will come back. Yun lee maybe returns as the other Takeshi Kovacs, and Chris Conner to be liked joined as Poe, Renee Ellesse Goldberry as Quellcrist Falconer. According to the tremendous Buzz, it is believed that Joker and Deadpool 2 Actress Zazie Beetz might be roped in Season 3 to play the latest Takeshi Sleeve!

Altered Carbon Season 3 Trailer release date: 

Regarding the Season 3 Trailer, we can expect it in the year-end of 2020 or the start of 2021. If the Cast has once Finalized by the Show Creators they may release a Glimpz of Trailer of Season 3


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