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“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Will the “Dark Elf” be portrayed as the main “Nemesis” in season 2?

Author Kumo Kagyu and illustrator Noboru Kannatsuki’s presentation Goblin Slayer is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel. Based on the 12 volumes of the light novel, an anime series Goblin Slayer was premiered on October 7, 2018, with a total of 12 episodes. This anime series is a direction of Takaharu Ozaki under the White Fox production studio.

The Plot of the Goblin Slayer and expectation from season 2

The story is about a man named Goblin Slayer and his attempts to protect the town from the Goblins by eradicating them with prejudice.

The season one came to an end with the victory of Goblin Slayer, who defeated Goblin Warlord and protected his and cow lady’s town from complete destruction. We’ve seen Goblin’s chin and two scars near it at the end of season one, and it indicates that another season is on the way. In the coming season, we may see Goblin Slayer’s identity and what he is capable of. We can expect Dark Elf as the main nemesis of Orcbolg. Those who are avid readers of Light Novels and fans of Manga might have already know what is going to occur in the next season.

Release date of Goblin Slayer Season 2

Adoption from the light novel Goblin Slayer has 12 volumes. Eleven volumes have been released in Japan so far. It got a license from North America and dubbed I English by publisher Yen Press. A film titled Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown for this anime series premiered on February 1, 2020.

The way season one of this anime ended, we can expect season two will be aired, but there’s no confirmation date due to coronavirus outbreak and on-going pandemic. It was expected to release it in early 2021, but the filming has been interrupted. It may be premiered in late 2021.

The cast of Goblin Slayer Season 2

Goblin slayer’s voice by Yuichiro Umehara

Priestess, voiced by Yui Ogura

High Elf Archer, voiced by Nao Toyama

CowGirl, voiced by Yuka Iguchi