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“Mob Psycho 100 Season 3”:Teruki Hanazawa, Reigen Arataka, Here are all the details regarding the Release date, Cast, Plot and more!!

Netflix streamed anime; Mob psycho 100 is the adaptation based on the most prominent Manga series. When the show was almost released at that time people seemed not be interested. As the plotline of the show felt confusing to the fans. But the ones who developed an interest in watching it continued to watch the anime. And soon this resulted in the fame of this anime series.

As soon as the two seasons we’re being completed by the fans; they started speculating for the third season. But still, some of the answers are unknown to them. Therefore, let’s find them out!!

The release date:

The 5th season will probably be seen in 2021, near the fall. The delay is due to the process of making quality content. Thereafter, the creature also released a statement regarding this in the media. So now you can consider that until we didn’t get any official date. We can’t confirm to you the exact date for the discharge of the next season, only hope till the next year!!
This is because for suppose if they are making quality content. Then eventually, on the other side, everyone is hit hard from the crises.

The cast of the anime:

The returning cast names for this season are as follows:

Teruki Hanazawa, Reigen Arataka, Shou Suzuki, Shigeo Kageyama, Dimple and Ritsu Kageyama

The plot of the anime:

Last seasons were based on how Shigeo “the mob boy” was filled with rage. The reason behind this was that the whole society considered him as a dumb boy. That’s why he always roamed alone and quietly worked under Reigen.

After hearing the speculation, we could say that this season will concentrate more on how he proves himself to be intelligent. Whether he will still be a coward or he would face the hardships strongly. Moreover, how will he achieve this target in his life?