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Toxel in Pokémon Sword and Shield! Ways to achieve Toxtricity! Click to know about its evolution, location, nature, and so much more!

We know that Pokémon Sword and Shield is one of the fastest-selling games in Nintendo’s history. The role-playing game came out in November last year. Since then, it has rocked the Nintendo Switch platform. It has received the love of millions of fans on a global level. However, the game also faced heavy criticism as it removed numerous pre-existing Pokémon.

Anyway, we should focus on one of the newest Pokémon in Sword and Shield named Toxel. It has been put into the category of “Baby Pokémon”. It’s an Electric/Poison-type Pokémon. It means that the Generation 8 Pokémon has the power of generating electricity by the help of its poison. Its skin secrets the electric poison which remains stored in its internal poison sac. However, it’s not that destructive. But the player must be careful while touching it because it can result in a prickling sensation.

What do we know about Toxel’s nature?

Toxel is one of those rare Pokémon which possess a variety of emotions. It can be turned into two different forms – Low Key and Amped Key Toxtricity.

Low Key form can be achieved if your Toxel is lonely, relaxed, bold, timid, serious, modest, mild, quiet, calm, bashful, gentle, careful, or valiant.

Whereas the Amped Key form will entertain you if it is hardy, brave, naughty, docile, rash, sassy, jolly, lax, naive, quirky, impish, hasty, or adamant.

How can we achieve Toxel’s Low Key or Amped Key forms?

First of all, you have to reach to Level 30 with your Toxel in order to convert it into Toxtricity. We already know that it possesses a wide range of emotions. So, it totally depends upon the nature of your Toxel. You have to look up to your “Check Summary” option for discovering the current nature of your Toxel. All the important characteristics will be highlighted in blue colour.

If your Toxel has your needed emotions then you can change it into Toxtricity. Otherwise, you have no option but to keep searching for the perfect Toxel. If you’re able to enter into the Battle Tower in Wyndon, then you can easily buy some mints there. They will definitely help you in accomplishing your desired Toxtricity. However, those mints also require level 30 to show their magic. 50 Battle Points will be charged for each mint.

Difference between Low Key and Amped Key Toxtricity?

You can differentiate both of them on the basis of their skin colours. You will witness purple and blue colours on Low Key Toxtricity’s skin. On the other hand, the Amped Key Toxtricity will be coloured in yellow and purple.

Another major difference between both of them is their final attacks. But you have to reach at least level 52 in order to show your final attacks. Low Key form is an expert in displaying Magnetic Flux. It advances its defensive powers. While Shift Gear serves as the final attack of Amped Key form. It helps in boosting its speed and the attack’s impact.

Toxel’s usefulness and weakness in the game

Toxel’s poison and electric power is really beneficial in tackling the grass and fairy-type Pokémon. Additionally, it can effortlessly defeat any water-type Pokémon. And if you are interested in catching new Pokémon and it can defend you from the attacks of your opponents. Thus, it becomes pretty easy to get them.

However, we can’t just ignore Toxel’s weaknesses. Being an Electric/Poison Pokémon, it loses its advantages against Psychic/Ground-type moves.

Where can we find it?

First, you have to take Route 5. Continue walking forward and after some time, you will see a house named Pokémon Day Care. A lady will be seen at the front door. Go to her and she will introduce you to Toxel. Do you know what is the best part about it? You will get it for absolutely free! Yes! But you must know that defeating Milo is necessary in order to go to Route 5.

If you’re interested in getting more Toxels, then you can easily find them in the Wild Area. Route 7 is also a good place to find it.

You can watch the following video to know more about Toxel: