“Bachelor In Paradise Season 7″: “Alayah Benavidez” and “Mike Johnson” will be casted in season 7!

“Bachelor in Paradise” also known as “BiP” is a reality TV series. The series made it’s debut on August 4, 2014, on ABC. The show is a spin-off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. BiP’s season 7 of the show is confirmed to return.

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7: Contestants

The women contestants of the BiP who are expected to make a comeback are –

  • Alayah Benavidez
  • Kelsey Weier
  • Sydney Hightower
  • Victoria Paul
  • Makenna Dorn

The men contestants of the BiP who are expected to make a comeback are –

  • Mike Johnson
  •  Jed Wyatt
  • Blake Horstmann

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7: Plot

Bachelor in Paradise is an American reality TV show.  The series is about some men and women who get together at some selected island to find their love of life. They choose their partner by giving them roses, and the people who do not receive any rose go back to their home. New people make their entry in the show in place of the people who get eliminated. At the end of the show, only a few couples actually end up in a relationship, and some even end up getting married.

The concept of the plot remains the same in all the seasons; the only thing that changes and is main is the location of the shooting.

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7: Host

This season also Chris Harrison is going to host the season. He does it without being shown on the screen, mostly whether it is announcing elimination, new contestants, rose ceremonies, or date nights.

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7: Location

This season the location of the shooting is Sayulita, Mexico, in The resort of Playa Escondida. However, the host of the show Chris Harrison said that the location of the show this year could be changed.

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7: Release  Date

The official announcement of the seventh season of the show was made on August 4, 2019. However, there is no update of the releasing date as we know the show is all about its location, but these days due to coronavirus, there are restrictions to travel abroad.

Due to the Corona Virus, it is becoming difficult for the team to maintain its schedule and fix everything in it. They said they would do Bachelor in Paradise only if they have time left as their main focus is on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.

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