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“The Sim 5”: A video game series launched and developed by ‘Maxis’! Launched on “Play station 4”!

What is “The Sim”?

A video game series launched and developed by ‘Maxis.’ ‘Will Right is the creator. It has been the most selling video game in the world. It is available on many platforms for video games lover. The first series of the games launched back in 2000.  And, surprisingly, it is still the most played game in the world.

Release date of ‘THE SIMS 5’:

As we know, the last series of the game, i.e., ‘THE SIMS 4’, came out in around 2004. So, The developers and team have decided to launch the new series of the game ‘THE SIMS 5’ this year. The game will be launched in late 2020. No hints for the official date has disclosed yet.

New features of the game

Every time the developers and publishers launch the game with new features. This time also they are not gonna disappoint their players. They will definitely add up more features, which will obviously include better graphics and high-quality characters; it may have better optimization options. The players will definitely enjoy ‘THE SIMS 5’ graphics, said by the publishers and creators. It will be an online multiplayer game as compared to the ‘Sims 4’, which was a single-player video game.

Some details of the game you must know.

It is the most popular game among teens. It can be played by anyone above 10+. The game has an outstanding rating on every platform. The game will be launched on the variety of platform which includes Play station 4, Xbox One, Macintosh operating system, Microsoft windows, and many more.

The trailer of the game is here, check it out.

The trailer of the game is given. Watch it and share your experience in the comments section. Tell your views about the game or what you expect from the new game series. And, let’s hope that game we will get a chance soon to play and explore the new and unique features of this game.