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Milcery Evolution: How to evolve it into Alcremie? Check out its location, evolution process, and so much more! Don’t forget the Gigantamax Alcremie!

Milcery is one of the recent Pokemon to be introduced in Pokemon Shield and Sword. This female species is entirely made up of cream. It is believed that the sweet-smelling particles in the air are responsible for giving birth to this Pokemon. It belongs to the Fairy-type category. This “Cream Pokemon” is one of the most popular Generation 8 Pokemon. There is a popular belief in the game that if a Milcery drops a visit to any patisserie then it will definitely receive prosperity and wealth in the future. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? We don’t blame you if you all are interested in opening your own patisserie now…

But first, go through the article below to know more about Milcery and its evolution, Alcremie.

Where can we get Milcery?

Fans are already in love with Milcery because of its cute appearance. Many players are desperate to get their hands on it. It’s okay guys, we can understand!

However, Milcery is not that easy to capture. There are mainly two areas in Pokemon Sword and Shield where you can get it. Route 4 is an excellent place to fetch Milcery. Otherwise, you have to go to the Wild Area. There, you can stop by the Giant’s Mirror or Bridge Fields. Though, you have to wait for the right weather as it doesn’t appear in every type of weather. A foggy atmosphere is an ideal condition. But you must know that the chances of picking up Milcery in these areas are about 20%.

Milcery hides itself into the tall grass. If you ever see an exclamation point near you then that’s your hint. Go and take it from there.

How can we evolve Milcery into Alcremie?

We all know that Alcremie is the evolved form of Milcery. If you are in interested in converting it into its evolved form then you need to have some specific sweets with you. Your selection of sweets will determine which form of Alcremie you will get.

There are three Battle cafes in the Galar region where you can pick up your sweets. They are located in Motostoke, Hammerlocke, and Wyndon. You have to explore these cafes and battle against their owners. If you are able to defeat them then they will bestow you a gift. But there is a minor problem. You are allowed to perform this process only one time per day. Then, you have no choice but to wait for another day to battle with them. Further, you must remember that they will not always give you sweets after you end up winning the battle. Those owners can give anything to you as gifts.

Mainly, there are seven types of sweets which can aid you in changing your Milcery into Alcremie:

1. Strawberry
2. Love
3. Berry
4. Star
5. Clover
6. Flower
7. Ribbon

These sweets have different shapes and sizes. You have to take out whatever sweets you have from your bag and offer it to Milcery. After the completion of its evolution procedure, you will notice the selected sweet residing at the top of Alcremie’s head.

After performing all of the things mentioned above, you have to do the most important stuff. And that is none other than spinning. Yes, spinning! You have to spin very carefully in order to achieve your desired Alcremie avatar. Additionally, the duration and the direction of your spins are really crucial. But first, let us inform you that Alcremie 63 different variations. Yes, that’s right! Even more than the God of Pokemon itself, Arceus. However, only nine of them have been discovered so far:

Vanilla: You have to spin clockwise in the daytime until your character starts to spin on its own. It will end after giving a pose.

Caramel Swirl: Again, daytime is suitable for this variation. You have to spin clockwise and then continue to spin for 10 more seconds.

Ruby Cream: Wait for the daylight and spin anti-clockwise until you begin to spin your own. You will end up striking a pose.

Ruby Swirl: Daytime and anti-clockwise spin are needed to achieve this avatar. Keep spinning until you start to spin on your own and then spin for 10 more seconds.

Matcha Cream: Night is the perfect time to get this variation. You have to spin in a clockwise direction.

Lemon Cream: After your character spins on its own in a clockwise direction at night, continue to spin for at least 10 more seconds.

Salted Cream: Spin counter-clockwise and you will end up striking a pose at night to achieve it.

Mint Cream: At night, try spinning in a counter-clockwise direction and keep on doing it for 10 more seconds.

Rainbow Swirl: It’s a tough one to get! It requires a special time period in accordance with your local time zone. If the hour needle of your clock is between 7 PM – 8 PM, then it doesn’t matter if you spin clockwise or anti-clockwise. What matters most is that you have to spin for at least 30 seconds to get this variation.

What about the Gigantamax Alcremie?

Yes, you can also unlock the Gigantamax Alcremie in the game. You have to compete in the Max Raid Battles in order to grab this variation. These battles always take place in the Wild Area.

Alcremie’s usefulness and weaknesses!

Alcremie is quite useful in withstanding against the dragon-type Pokemon. Its fairy-type category safeguards it from all types of dragon attacks. Plus, it becomes a promising choice in the dark-type seventh gym. Plus, its Gigantamax version can knock out any Pokemon. However, it can’t protect itself from Poison, Steel-type moves.

Check out the following video to know more Milcery!