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“My Hero Academia Season 5”: Will “Izaku Midoriya” AKA “Deku” get the “Black whip”?

Whether or not you’re an anime fan, there are high chances that you’ve heard of ” My Hero Academia”. ” My Hero Academia” is a Japanese anime TV series based on manga series with the same name. Written by Yosuke Kuroda, the series has received overwhelming love and positive responses from fans and critics from all over the world, and has found it’s placed in the top anime’s list in quite a few popular sources like Polygon, CrunchyRoll, and IGN. First starting in 2016, the last episode of Season 4 was aired on 6 April 2020. Season 5 has already been announced by its creators, Weekly Shonen Jump.

2 animated films, “My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes”  and ” My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” were also released during this span, becoming fan favorites instantly. According to sources, there are plans for a live-action film coming up as well, by “Legendary Entertainment” the plotline leading to Season 5?

PLOTLINE: My Hero Academia Season 5

” My Hero Academia” is based on the story of Izoku Midoriya, a boy born with no special powers but who dreams to be a hero one day. He catches the eye of “All Might”, Japan’s greatest hero, who shares his superpowers with him. He also helps Izoku get enrolled into the prestigious U. A High School were heroes train. This is where the story picks up, and we see several twists and turns that Izoku has to face in his journey to become a true hero. In between all these, the villain of the story “All For One”  would try to destroy society and it’s heroes and it’s up to Izoku, Bakugo, and his other friends in Class 1-A to stop this villain. So, if a high paced typical common man to superhero saving the world is your thing, go on, you’ll love it.

As for the fans, who’ve already watched Season 4, here are some speculations that might happen in Season 5. The protagonist of the story Izaku Midoriya AKA Deku will get the Black whip and Fumikage his black fallen angel, which would give him the ability to fly. Yes, you heard it right! It is also predicted that Hitori Sims, Deku’s most compelling rival would also be back. In all, the storyline is all set to keep the fan stunned.

The characters My Hero Academia Season 5

Keeping former experiences in mind, where the anime has somewhat gone in par with the original manga story, we can expect the main characters from last seasons like Akatsuki Bakugo, Michael Tatum, Izuku Midoriya, Clifford Chapin, Kenya Lida, Chaco Muranaka, and Luci Christian to be back for Season 5 as well.

Release date of ” My Hero Academia: Season 5″

Although, fans were left overjoyed when the show’s Twitter account announced the confirmation of Season 5. unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official date for release yet, but keeping in mind the global Covid-19 pandemic situation, there might be some delays in place. It is expected to come out any time during 2021. So till then, be safe and keep streaming!


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