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“One Punch Man Season 3”: The story of the “Unique Hero”? When is it releasing? Read to know more!

We’ve all been used to the typical superhero movies where the protagonist rises from a common man, realizes his/her power, and then saves the world. Well, we’ve got something different for you this time. ” One Punch Man” is a Japanese superhero series created by the artist One.

The first season of the already very popular webcomic was first aired in 2015. Considering the huge love and support it got, fans had to wait a long four years for the next season to come out. And now fans can’t wait for Season 3. Apart from the overly popular manga and anime series, the ” One Punch Man” game has also been a sensation. So what makes this anime special? Well, read to know more.

Story of ” One Punch Man”: The unique hero

The protagonist of the story here isn’t portrayed in a typical rise from the ashes way. On the other hand, “One Punch Man” is an all-powerful hero who can defeat all his enemies with a single punch, and is determined to find a more challenging foe because he is bored of his overwhelming power! Yes, this is the type of confidence we need in our lives too!

So, in this story, we have two associations- The Hero Association and the Monster Association. Saitama, who, in fact, is the all-powerful protagonist of the story, comes from a different planet and joins the Hero Association to fight off monsters and other beings who were trying to destroy Earth. Joining him in his quest is Genos, a cyborg who is seeking revenge against another cyborg who killed off his family and destroyed his hometown.

As the monster grows stronger, Garo, a former hero, changes sides and starts killing heroes. In between all this, the Monster Association recruits new fighters promising them “Monster cells,” which turn them into monsters with amazing abilities. They also kidnap the son of the Hero Association executive. To save the child, the heroes attack City Z, the headquarters of the Monster Association, which also appears to be the home of Saitama.

The fight takes huge proportions leading to huge losses on both sides, and Garo single-handedly taking down a lot of heroes. The fight eventually ends with the “One Punch Man” and his mentor, Bang, stepping in and defeating Garo.

Release date of “One Punch Man: Season 3.”

Now that you have an idea about the gripping storyline of ” One Punch Man,” we bet you can’t wait to watch it. Although Season 1 and Season 2 are present online to be streamed, there has not been any official announcement as to when Season 3 can come out. Looking at the late arrival of Season 2 and the global pandemic situation, we can expect Season 3 at the earliest by mid-2021 or even early 2022. Well, till then, Keep calm and be the “One Punch Man”!


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