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Sinistea Evolution: How to evolve it into Polteageist? Click to know more about its location, evolution process, weaknesses and so much more!

Sinistea is one of the newest additions to the Pokedex. It is also the perfect example of the unique creativity shown by the makers of Pokemon Sword and Shield. It was introduced in Generation 8. The Ghost-type Pokemon relates to the species of Black Tea. Believe it or not, but this imaginative Pokemon resides in a teacup. But not just any ordinary-looking teacup. It bears a greenish color with its handle colored in purple. According to a prominent belief, Sinistea is formed when a lonely spirit takes control of a leftover cup of tea.

How to spot an antique, Sinistea?

If you are already thinking about capturing Sinistea, then you must be able to identify if it’s fake or not. Yes, they exist in two forms – phony form and antique form. Many players try to search the antique one in the game, but only a few of them have been able to nab them. The chances of appearing antique Sinistea are quite rare. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to discover it in the game.

So, the main question here is, “How to identify the antique form?” Well, the trick is quite simple. First of all, you have to look at the bottom of the cup. The presence of a blue-colored mark of authenticity proves that it’s not a fake one. Otherwise, you have a phony version of Sinistea in your hands. Its evolution process can be a great indicator of its fabrication. If it’s unable to evolve itself into Polteageist, then its simply decoy. Go and check the “Motion/Cry” option in the Pokedex to know more about it.

Where can we find Sinistea?

There are many Pokemon, which can be found at various places in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But that’s definitely not the case with Sinistea. Glimwood Tangle is the only place where you can get it. It is located in the south of Ballonlea. You have no option but to look for it in the tall grass. If you encounter an exclamation point while performing your search job, then run to it at once. You can get Sinistea or some other Pokemon there. However, their appearance rate is quite low. That’s why we have no choice but to keep searching for it.

How to get the Cracked pot and the Chipped pot?

Stow-on-side is a perfect place to get both of these pots. However, if you look closely behind the Pokemon Centre, then you can unearth a Cracked pot. If you are not interested in doing that, then you can always go to the market vendor in Stow-on-side. You can find a new item every day. But you can witness some changes in the price of the products. Plus, it’s not fixed that you will always find the pots there. So, you may have to wait a little longer for the Cracked pot to appear.

Evolution of Sinistea into Polteageist!

Finding the pots is quite tricky, but using them for evolving Sinistea is even trickier. It’s not necessary that your Cracked pot will always work. So, you have no choice but to visit the vendor every day. We know that sometimes it becomes very frustrating. Plus, getting our hands on a Chipped pot is really difficult.

But if everything looks perfect to you, then search your bag to find the pots. The Cracked pot aids in evolving the phony form while the Chipped pot works its magic on the antique form. Then all you have to do is nothing but to choose your Sinistea and using them to convert it into Polteageist.

Polteageist’s usefulness and weaknesses!

Polteageist’s search and evolution processes are quite complicated. There is no doubt about that! However, it’s not as useful as other Ghost-type Pokemon. It doesn’t have any powerful attack to take out its enemies. Even its antique version looks good as a temporary member of your arsenal. We advise you to concentrate more on other Ghost-type Pokemon like Creepy, Runerigus, and many more. Additionally, it is also not comfortable against the Ghost/Dark-type moves.