“Horizon zero dawn : Forbidden west”: “Aloy” will be back with new adventures in the sequel!

One of the best selling games of Playstation 4 (Horizon zero dawn) is all set to be back with its sequel Horizon forbidden west. Horizon zero dawn was developed by Guerrilla Games and published by sony interactive entertainment. The role-playing action game was launched on Playstation 4 for on the 28th of February of 2017, which was about Aloy, a hunter in a world ruled by mean robots. The game plot revolves around Aloy, who is all set to uncover her past and fights with her enemies with the help of ranged weapons, a spear, and stealth. Not only this, but the game also had a skill tree that provided the players with new abilities and bonuses.

Earlier, one of the Games voice actors confirmed that the sequel of HorizonHorizon zero dawn was to be launched in 2020, but as per the latest reports, Horizon forbidden west will now be getting released in 2021. A few days back, the official Playstation account on youtube released the Horizon forbidden west official trailer.

The sequel will continue with the Aloy story, who will move towards the west to America. She will be seen facing all inspiring machines and other new threats. According to the trailer, the sequel will include more of underwater visuals, and hence we will get to see robot sharks in it. Other than that, there will be shellsnappers (tortoises), swings(pterodactyl), tremortusks (mammoths) are the new additions in this sequel. The game director Mathijs de Jonge has confirmed that new locations will be added to the game. The trailer gives us hints about the new sequel. The landmarks show a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, with a golden gate bridge that can be seen overtaken by Greenery. Other than that, the palace of fine arts can be seen as ruined and underwater.

As per the reports, a Playstation 5 will be needed to plaHorizonHorizon forbidden west after it gets released. Guerrilla Games is working hard to present a detailed world and visuals in the second sequel.

Horizon zero dawn was a major hit because of its open world, interesting story, realistic visuals, combats, characterizations, and the performance of voice actress Ashly Burch. The main character of Aloy was loved by the players, and that’s why she will be returning for HorizonHorizon forbidden west along with her little Bluetooth earpiece (Focus). Other than Aloy, the character of Sylens will also be there. The Sci-fi action game got its popularity because of its terrific depiction of the fictional universe. The game very effectively showcases the danger and the beauty of the world. As a result of the previous success, the makers have decided to releasHorizonHorizon zero dawn pc version soon in 2020, which be given a chance to the Pc players who have been waiting to play that game though it’s not confirmed whether the sequel two will have its pc version or not.

So Are you all are excited for the sequel of Horizon zero dawn? And are you guys ready to see Aloy in action again, meeting other tribes and defeating her enemies?

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