“Jordyn Woods” has Just Confirmed Dating: Who is this “Popular French Singer”? Read to find out!

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 11: Jordyn Woods visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on December 11, 2019 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Jordyn Woods has just Confirmed her dating with the popular French Singer Dadju.  Jordyn Woods’s relationship Status is always a Mystery! Her fans are very eager to know about her relationship status and whom she is dating. But the Pretty actress never opens up about her relationship in front of the public. She always keeps it as a Private matter. But Here is some hits that are clearly saying about the Diva is dating this French Singer and Rapper Dadju! Want to know more? Read on!

Jordyn Woods is a Plus-Sized model. She started her modeling career in 2015, with the Wilhelmina International’s Curve division. After that, she Collaborated with Jenner for Cosmetics Campaigning, and both became Best friends. Eventually, she became very successful as a Social media Influencer in the fashion world.

Is Jordyn Woods dated Chris Brown earlier? :

After became Successful as a Social media Influencer, She was even more concentrated in her Career. Jordyn Woods had not much into dating and all. She was very serious about her Work-life.  However, the speculations are that Chris Brown, James Harden, Devin Booker, and Jaden Smith have dated Jordyn Woods. But she did not confirm either of them is her Boyfriend.

Jordyn also hooked up with Triston Thompson in Feb 2019, but she told that she never met him again after he kissed her. This Hook-up also leads to her broke up with Kardashian and Jenner’s family. She did not make any announcement regarding her relationship so far.

Is Jordan Woods is Currently dating Dadju? : 

On March 9, 2020, Speculations began that Jordyn Woods is dating the famous French Singer and Rapper Dadju. Her fans are believed that Jordyn is dating the Talented Singer Dadju. Neither of them confirmed their relationship, But according to Dadju’s Instagram Posts, it is Confirmed that they both started dating each other.

Who is Dadju? :

Dadju is a Famous French Singer and Rapper. According to the Voice online, he is the biggest artist from France So far. He is very talented, and he has more than a Billion Streams on youtube. He has done a very Successful Projects. Dadju was once a member of Singing and rapping duo Shin Sekai, and Artist Abou Tall. Dadju disbanded with the Team in 2017 and released an album in 2017 as a Solo Artist. The Album name is Gentleman 2.0. It became a huge hit and Stood in Top-list in Music Graphs. After that, he again releases in another album named Poison-OuAntidote, which was also hit the Music Graphs and Stood on Top.

Is Dadju’s Instagram feed reveals that Dadju and Jordyn Woods are dating each other? :

Yes, it is Dadju’s Instagram feed showing that they both are in a relationship. On March 9, Dadju posted some of the Images of Jordyn Woods. The images are showing that they both are hanging out in Dubai. In one Picture, Jordyn was giving a Flirty wave to the camera, and in another one, she was opening a sweet note from Dadju. In the Background rose, petals are scattered. By seeing those pictures, Fans are made Mixed Comments. Some said They both are looking very lovely as a pair, and somebody said, Did they just confirmed their relationship with this Instagram Post.

However, It is believed that Dadju is already married, and he has a Kid. His family stays in France. But Dadju never admitted/revealed that he is married, and he has a Kid also. So nobody knows whether he is married or not. He did not confirm anything about Jordyn Woods So far. If the speculations are true, Jordyn Woods will be a very lucky girl!


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