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KineMaster Pro Mod APK Fully Unlocked (Ad-free)! Check out its free paid features, multiple layers, premium features, and so much more! (MAY 2020)

Why take your laptop with you or use your PC for editing your videos when you have KineMaster on your mobile phone? Yes, it’s right! Nowadays, many people like to upload their edited videos on many social media websites for sharing their skills and attaining popularity. KineMaster Pro Mod apk is a perfect platform to display your editing talents to the world. Additionally, it has more than 240M users all around the world. We believe it should be enough to inform you about its popularity.

Check out all the features of KineMaster Pro apk right here!

KineMaster Pro Mod Apk Features

We have some amazing features for you below:

1. No Advertisements

Advertisements are annoying AF. That’s why the KineMaster Pro Mod apk allows you to use it smoothly without any interference of stupid advertisements. The original version of KineMaster is really tremendous. But it also shows many pop-ups. And we can do nothing but frustrate ourselves. Well, you don’t have that problem anymore!

2. No Watermark

It must be pretty disappointing for you to see the name of the app at the bottom of your edited video. It just exhausts us! Right? There are many users who work very hard on their videos, but they don’t want the official KineMaster logo in them. Plus, it kinds of takes all the editing credit from you. It’s not like the original version doesn’t provide the option of removing the watermark. But it’s just you have to pay a lot of money to eliminate it. That’s why we have KineMaster Pro Mod apk for you!

3. Supported by Android devices

It is compatible with Android devices. If you are an Android user, then you must have Android 5.0 and above on your mobile phone in order to utilize it. Additionally, there is no requirement of using high-priced mobile phones for this app.

4. Use of Multiple Layers

KineMaster Pro Mod apk gives you nonstop access to unlimited filters and doesn’t charge any fee for them. Yup, they are absolutely free! You can try various layers to make your video impressive. The original version restricts you from using all the layers. But not this Mod apk!

5. Unlocked Premium Features

We know that every notable editing app likes to receive a solid lump sum payment from its users in order to permit them to use the Premium features. Not anymore! KineMaster Pro Mod apk is a fantastic place to use all the Premium features in your video. And you can use them for free! How good is that?

6. Voice Recording

KineMaster Pro Mod apk also helps you in recording your voices and use them in your edited video. You must have watched many online videos in which many people use their voice as the background music or to give a special touch to their videos. Well, you can perform these types of activities too with this apk.

7. Controlling Video’s Speed

This apk has the feature of controlling the speed of your video. Whether you are looking for a fast-paced video or a slow-motion one, KineMaster Pro Mod apk bestows you all.

8. Rewinding Your Video

Have you ever thought about how your video would look like if it was played backward? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This feature allows you to rewind your videos and play it backward. It can leave a unique mark on many viewers.

9. 4K Video Editing

Oh yeah! This apk is definitely comfortable in supporting 4K video quality. You can not only edit 1080p videos, but you are able to edit 2160p HD videos as well. This feature enhances the quality of the video on a different level.

Other exciting features are free paid features, Chroma Key, compatibility with low-end devices, cropping and trimming of videos, instant preview, unlocked asset store, use of images, texts, and stickers as layers, and many more.

How to install KineMaster Pro Mod apk in your device?

Like many other apps, you have to download the KineMaster Pro Mod apk on your mobile phone. You can use the link given below to download the apk. After downloading it, you have to install it. Allow unknown sources for the installation process. You know how to do it. Now, just click the KineMaster icon on your mobile phone’s menu and enjoy it.


KineMaster Pro Mod apk is a wonderful platform for improving your video editing skills. There are many software and mobile applications that charge money to do the same thing. Thank God it’s free! Additionally, it also aids you in exploring your creativity. It’s a great place to edit videos as well as create some long-lasting memories too.

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