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Solo leveling season : 2 .Will sung jin – woo become a powerful hunter? What answers you might get this time? What can we expect about storyline?

It is a series about  Sung-jin – woo who is considered as weakest Hunter. Monsters are ferocious creatures living in one universe, and humans were living in another universe. A portal was connected between these two universes, so some of these people acquire the power to hunt them; from then they were known as hunters.  Only these hunters can  Chase and kill those monsters. Hero of the novel Sung-jin- woo is considered as the weakest hunter. Once these hunters were trapped in a dungeon of monsters and only sung jin- woo was able to overcome all the traps. In each trap,  he gains a lot of powers. His wish is to become a famous S  level hunter. He also wishes to unite with his missing father.

Solo leveling, Season 2: What answers can we expect about the storyline?

This season sang jin – woo is expected to win all levels and expected to acquire a lot of powers from them. He is also expected to become a  famous S level hunter. He is also expected to save the lives of other hunters as well. He is also expected to find his long-missing father. We are eagerly waiting for the union between him and his father.  As he has now overcome all the hurdles in the monster territory, he is also expected that his title changes to a  braver hunter from a weakling. This time it is also expected of additional characters. Since it is planned to release in 2021, the expectation of the plot arises to an extraordinary level.

Solo leveling, season: 2  what answers you might get this time?

This time it is expected that sung jin woo will find his missing father. And the obstacles he needs to face to find his father. He may level up to S level hunter. He may acquire a lot of powers. He may also close the portal after completing all the hurdles.


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