“Brad Pitt’s World War Z 2”: The story shows how they try to survive while trying to find a way!

“World War Z” is an apocalyptic action horror movie. The movie is directed by Marc Forster. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Max Brooks. The movie released on June 21, 2013, starring Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, who travels the world to find a way to stop the zombie apocalypse.

The movie was a huge success, earning over $540 million, becoming the most highest-grossing zombie film of all time. Let’s read to find more!

World War Z 2″: Cast

The cast expected to be in the second part of the movie is –

  • Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane
  • Mireille Enos as Karin Lane

World War Z 2″: Plot

The plot starts with  Gerry Lane and his wife Karin with their daughters. They were in heavy traffic when the city was attacked by zombies. Somehow, they managed to escape the city while trying to find a shelter to stay safe. The story shows how they try to survive while trying to find a way to put an end to it.

The plot for “World War Z 2” is not revealed yet to avoid any rumors, even the cast is tight-lipped on any information about the movie.

World War Z 2″: Production Details

“World War Z 2” was a huge success, and it was expected to see a second part of the movie. Sadly, there were many problems related to production, and the movie was pushed back. The movie was tracked down last year, revealing that pre-production was done in five countries.

The production of the movie was stopped after filming for six months, so it is possible we might not get to see the second part of the movie!!

World War Z 2″: Solstice studios’ chief’s opinion!

The CEO of Solstice Studios “Mark Gill” said to a Hollywood reporter – “It is not cultural, it is government’s coverage and the explanation it’s the government is you have a government that is making an effort to manage the direction of people the place there is a fair amount of unrest. One of the issues appears to notably stir revolts, or maybe riot is a superstition.”

He added, “In case you are excited about making that story, you can simply depend on China, it’s not happening.”


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