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“Cowboy Bebop Season 1”: Is “John Cho” a part of this iconic show? Click to know Plot, Cast, Release date and more!

“Cowboy Bebop” is a Japanese manga television series animated by Sunrise Inc and illustrated by Keiko Nobumoto. It’s been on television for a long, long time. The manga series was first aired in 1998! Being in the market for so long, “Cowboy Bebop” has gained a huge fanbase, with critical acclamations and fame all across the world. Anime series, animation films, a video game, and even a live-action film casting Keanu Reaves, “Cowboy Bebop,” has seen it all. In 2017, Tomorrow Studios announced that they would be making an American live-action adaptation of this popular series. Soon enough, Netflix also announced that they would be streaming it on their platform. Keep reading to know more!

Release date: “Cowboy Bebop Season 1.”

Tomorrow Studio partnered up with Sunrise Inc, the original creators of the show, and came out with the concept in 2017. However, in 2019, one of the lead characters got seriously injured, which delayed production by more than six months! Adding to the fan’s woes, this global pandemic struck next, which pushed back things even further! In one of the recent interviews, producer Adelstein revealed that six episodes have already been shot. He also confirmed that they’d be back as soon as the pandemic situation dissolves. Well, finally some good news for the fans! Our estimate is that fans should be expecting Season 1 of the show by early 2021, but we can just wait and see.

Star cast: “Cowboy Bebop Season 1.”

The producers have roped in John Cho as Spike Spiegal, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine, and Alex Hassel as Vicious. The anime characters have already had a huge impact on fans worldwide, but will this venture stand out on their own? Will the new cast live up to the expectations of the fans?

Plot: “Cowboy Bebop Season 1”

Due to the delays in production, we haven’t got any official trailer yet. But considering it’s a live-action adaptation, we can guess that it would have the same plot as the anime series.

The story is based in 2071, where apparently the Earth has become inhabitable due to an unfortunate accident. As a result of this, humanity has settled down at various parts of the universe. Due to the rising crime rates, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set up a system where registered bounty hunter called Cowboys are rewarded for bringing back wanted criminals alive.

The main leads of the story, including Spike, Jet, and Faye, are all Cowboys. The story later revolves around exiled former criminal, Spike and Vicious, who is also part of the same criminal organization. Talk about a Texas cowboy rivalry reaching intergalactic height. Quite literally!


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