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“My Hero Academia Season 5” confirmed: “Izuku midoriya”, superhero is back in action!

‘My hero academia’ is a Japanese superhero series.  ‘Kohei Horikoshi’ is the writer of this manga series. It’s a comic book also, printed by  ‘Jump comics.’ More than half a quarter of magazines had published. After the magazine became popular, its animation series was also very popular.  The director of the anime series is ‘Kenji Nagasaki,’ with a number of producers. Episodes by illustrated by ‘Yosuke Kuroda.’ The first anime series was out around in 2016. And it is still entertaining lots of audiences.

The storyline of My Hero Academia Series

The magazine and series talk about a boy named Izuku. He was so mesmerized with the powers of superheroes. As a child, he observed around his surroundings and found; the world is full of quirks. Watching this distrust in society, he decides to become a superhero. In his U.A. high school, he decides to change the current quirk thinking of society.

Release date of My Hero Academia Season 5:

Yes, viewers, your superhero, Izuku Midoriya, is coming back. The series five is confirmed by Shonen jump. He confirmed it on his Twitter account. But, there is no announcement for the release date has been made. Series can be expected in 2021.No need to get sad viewers. Stay tuned for the latest updates. And, stay excited about the upcoming series 5.

Awards received by My Hero Academia Season 5:

After it gained popularity among the viewers and millions of copies, have sold in print. Both the series and the comic book received love and a positive response from the audience. It gained the award in 2019. ‘Harvey Award’ for best manga.

The cast of My Hero Academia Season 5:

There are many characters who have entertained the audience until now.

The top ten characters are given here:

Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya Lida, Shotu todoroki, Minoru Mineta, Shinya Kamihara, Rumi Usagiyama,Shinji Nishiya, Ryuko Tatsuma, Tsunagu Hakamata and many more characters.

Check out the trailer of My Hero Academia Season 5

Get a glimpse of the season 5 here.