“Kissing Booth 2”: Will “Elle” visit “Noah’s College”? Click to know Plot, Cast, Release Date and more!

Kissing Booth 2 is a Netflix Original Film. Vince Marcello is the Director. Marcello and Jay Arnold provided the Screenplay.  It is the Sequel of Kissing Booth. Kissing Booth Film released on May 11, 2018. The Film became Superhit and earned many viewers Worldwide. The film-film is based on a Teen- Romance. Netflix announced Sequel in 2019. This is the most Re-watched FilmFilm on Netflix. The FilmFilm got Criticism from the Critics.  It got  Negative reviews from the Critics. But  Audience Re-watched the FilmFilm. Netflix decided to release a Sequel for it. The Expected release date of the Film is July 24, 2020.

Expected Release Date: Kissing Booth 2

Netflix announced that the Kissing Booth 2 film would be releasing on July 24, 2020. The much-awaited filmFilm has already completed the ShootShoot and ready for release. It is undergoing post-production works—the Shoot completed in 2019. On Valentine’s day,2019,

Netflix announced a Sequel for Kissing Booth. The  Shoot began in July and Completed in October. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch. On May 21, the Lead lady of Kissing Booth 2 Joey King announced the Release date of Kissing Booth 2 in a Youtube live event. Get ready to watch the FilmFilm on July 24, 2020!

Star Cast: Kissing Booth 2 

The Star Cast will not have any Major Changes. The Kissing Booth Cast will be seen in Sequel too. They will just reprise the roles of Star Cast. There will not be any Major Deletion in the Star Cast. Till now, there is no official announcement on the Star-Cast Addition/Deletion further. The Star Cast for Kissing Booth 2 will be :

  • Joey King as Shelly Elle Evans
  • Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn
  • Jacob Elordy as Noah Flynn
  • Maisie Richardson as Sellers
  • Taylor Perez as Marco
  • Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn
  • Meganne Young as Rachel
  • Morne Visser as Mrs. Flynn
  • Bianca Bosh as Olivia
  • Cason white as Brad Evans


Plot: Kissing Booth 2 

Kissing Booth 2 Plot will be based on the Kissing Booth Climax Story. In the Climax of Kissing Booth, Noah and Elle parted ways. It is shown that Noah went to college and Elle riding Noah’s Motorbike.  Netflix announced that the Plot would be based on a Long-Distance relationship. How Elle handles the long-distance relationship, will she go to Noah college to meet him? What about her College life, Friendship with Marco, The Handsome Classmate of her. Will Elle fall in love with Macro, Will she decide To whom heart belongs to, all these things form the Kissing Booth 2 Plot.

Story Line: Kissing Booth 2 

The Main Storyline of Kissing Booth 2 in Teen- Romantic drama. In Kissing Booth, The Story revolved around Elle  Evans and Lee Flynn. How did they maintain their friendship, What are the rules they created for maintaining the friendship, Tuppen, Noah, Elle detention, Elle date with Tuppen, Lee threatening that nobody should date Elle, has shown in the FilmFilm?

How Elle and Created Kissing Booth for a School Fundraiser, Why Lee serves as the kisser instead of Noah, Elle, and Noah kissing Scene in Rain. After that, Elle and Noah Parting ways have shown in the FilmFilm. The Main Story will be on Teen Romantic Drama. Story set up in School in Kissing Booth, In Kissing Booth 2 Story will Shift to college.

Trailer /Teaser: Kissing Booth 2

The Trailer/ Teaser of Kissing Booth 2 is out on Netflix with 55 Seconds duration. Watch it here:

The Trailer/ Teaser is released in 2019 and got a good response from the Audience. Gear Up to watch the Film on July 24, 2020 !!




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