“Lucifer Season 5”: Why do we need a “Lucifer and Constantine” crossover? Who is Constantine?

Fans have gone crazy devil after Tom Ellis, in his role as Lucifer Morningstar, made an appearance in the Arrowverse crossover. Ellis repeatedly declined the rumors of his cameo tweeting on twitter when the picture of him surfaced. Later, he apologized to his fans, for he had wanted to surprise the fans.

In the short scene, Lucifer met Constantine on Earth- 666, outside Lucifer’s club, in Crisis in the infinite Worlds. Now, there is much hype regarding the appearance of Constantine in the fifth (and final) season of Lucifer.

How did Lucifer and Constantine know each other?

After Lucifer agreed, although reluctantly, to help Constantine to get to Purgatory, it was revealed that the two knew each other from before. The former only agreed because he had helped his devil friend, Maze. However, the two never mentioned each other in their shows. It is not known how the trio is connected. Tom Ellis teased about Constantine’s appearance in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

He said, “He [Lucifer] is very irreverent with our characters when they turn up in the scene, and obviously, with Constantine, there is some history there. “He continued, “There’s a begrudging sort of admiration amongst the two of them, I think.”

The possible storyline of Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer returned to Hell at the end of Season 4 after giving up his life on Earth, so he could keep the devils in check. While he is stuck in the underworld, Constantine, with his motto of sending devils back to Hell, could help him (Lucifer) out.

While it was only possible for both of them to be together on screen the first time because Ellis was able to travel to Vancouver from Los Angeles, another crossover would mean Matt to take out time from his commitment to Legends of Tomorrow. We are sure fans will be satisfied with a short cameo of Constantine on Lucifer Season 5. Fans are also excited for the two to explore their chemistry in the season.

Questions unanswered about Lucifer Season 5:

After both meet, there have been a lot of questions running in the minds of fans. What happened the first time they met each other? How could Lucifer possibly owe him a favor? Where does Maze come in between them?

What can be a better place to answer all these questions but in Lucifer Season 5.





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