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“One-Punch Man Season 3”: Will “Garou and the Monster” Association Join Forces? Read to know the Release Date, Plot, and Cast!

Japanese anime “One-Punch Man” is a superhero franchise web series created by the artist ONE. Manga and Anime adapted the series after its original web-comic version grew in popularity in 2012. Then it broadcasted on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website in 2012. Yusuke Murata illustrated the manga and printed it periodically into tankobon volumes.

Madhouse created the anime version and aired in Japan in 2015. The first season was released in 2016, consisting of 12 episodes. Later that year second season was announced. The second season faced a delay because the Production Company and director had changed. The second season was finally released last year, and it aired between April and July.

Release Date of One-Punch Man Season 3

The show hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet. Therefore, there is no confirmation regarding the release of One-Man Punch season 3 from the officials. However, we expect it to be screen any time in 2021 or 2022. We will update you once we get an official confirmation. Until then, keep an eye on Nextalerts


The cast of One-Punch Man Season 3

We expect to hear voices of Makoto Furukawa and Max Mittleman as Saitama, Kaito Ishikawa as Genes in season three.

The storyline of Season 3

“One-Punch Man” follows a story of a superhero named Saitama, who is unaware of his powers initially. After a certain time, he learns that he can defeat any of his opponents with a single punch. He cannot utilize the lack of his power of a worthy antagonist.

In the previous season, we have seen that the self-proclaimed human monster Garou has finally been traced by the S-class hero Genos, Garou’s former martial arts teacher Bang and his older brother Bomb. Season two wore down its antagonist. Garou receives aids from the Monster Association that is led by Phoenix man and Elder Centipede. Garou has been forced to learn martial arts to become a monster and upgrade his power.

Season two of “One-Punch Man” ended abruptly, portraying an alliance between Garou and the Monster Association. On the other hand, Genos continues his urge to get attention from Saitama. It will be thrilling to see Garou and the Monster Association join forces for the season 3. But we have to wait until season three’s release.