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” The OA Season 3″: Was the cancellation just a publicity stunt by “Netflix”? Read to find out!

Loved “Dark”? Well, we’ve got another treat for you! “The OA” is an American mystery drama series by Netflix, which deals with the perfect mixture of science fiction and supernatural activities. The first season was aired in 2016, while Season 2 came out in 2019. Initially, the series was supposed to be a five-season thing, with eight episodes in each season. However, there has been huge unrest among fans right after the release of Season 2. Why? Keep reading to learn more!

Release date: “The OA Season 3.”

Right after season 2 released, Netflix announced that they wouldn’t be continuing any further. This left fans with a cliffhanger ending, leading to mass unrest. There were hashtags protests over social media, with “SaveTheOA” and “TheOAisReal” trending all over Twitter. One fan even went on a hunger strike outside Netflix’s Los Angeles Headquarters.

Although there have been some rumors that all this might just be a publicity stunt on the part of Netflix, we can’t be sure of it. But keeping in mind the huge amount of fan requests that have come up, it wouldn’t be a bad idea after all!

Star cast: “The OA Season 3.”

Season 1 and Season 2 had the following cast- Brit Marling as the protagonist “OA,” Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts, Phyllis Smith as Betty Allen, Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills. Ian Alexander as Michelle Vu and Will Brill as Scott Brown. Season 3 is a continuation of the story, will also be having a similar cast.

Plot: “The OA Season 3”

Season 2 ended with Prarie’s gang going on a road trip through the United States to assist the “OA” on her mission. We also find out that Prarie has ended up in a different dimension while searching for the missing people. With so many aspects left hanging by the cliff, there is a lot to be revealed in Season 3! We can just wait and watch.

Storyline: “The OA Season 3”

The series starts on a completely mysterious note where Prarie Johnson surfaces seven years after she disappeared. She calls herself “The OA (Original Angel)” and has regained her eyesight even though she was blind before. She is thoroughly interrogated by the FBI and her family, but she refuses to reveal anything. She assembles a team of five locals and then briefs them of what happened to her. After that, this six-member team, led by Prarie, go on a quest to save other such missing people from what she claims to be ” another dimension. ”  What happens next? Well, we can just pray that Netflix does the right thing and comes back with the rest of the seasons!


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