“Justin Bieber” denies Sexual Assault Claims: He Tweets that “He never visited Four Seasons Hotel”!

Justin Bieber, 26 years old Canadian Singer Denies Sexual Assault Claims, made by an anonymous account on Twitter.  Danielle, a Woman accused Justin Bieber stating that she got Sexual assault from the Singer. The Singer has been Trending on Twitter because of this issue. On Weekend, Danielle tweeted, Bieber has assaulted her sexually in 2014,  in a Hotel Room. She tweeted that She First met the Billboard Hot100 Artist, Bieber in a Music Event that has happened in Autin, Texas, on March 9th, 2014 at SXSW. She said she experienced sexual assault from the Popular Singer later in another hotel, Four Seasons. The Accusor account has been deleted from twitter and Bieber responded against the allegations made by the women.

How did Justin Bieber react to the Sexual allegations?

Justin Bieber in a Series of Tweets,  he addressed the issue. He said he decided to speak up about the issue. Further, he stated that Sexual abuse allegations are not a  joke and should be taken very seriously. He said he gathered all the facts before making the Statement. He said that there are many Victims facing these false Sexual allegations so he decided to address the issue after he spoke to his Wife and Team.

Is the Sexual allegations are True? What did Justin Bieber Said?

In another tweet, Justin said, there is no truth in the allegations. There is no such proof that the sexual abuse happened at the Four Seasons Hotel on March 9, 2014. Justin Bieber said He attended the SXSW Music Event along with his Ex-Girlfriend Selena- Gomez. He spent the whole night with the actress and tweeted about the Music Event  Articles and Group photos with the fans from the Music Event. He said he never visited the Four Season Hotel during the Trip.

Justin Biber, Tweeted that  Sexual abuse allegations are not a Joke and we should be very serious about the issue. And that is why his response needed. He further said the allegations are false and he is working with the Twitter authorities to take legal action on it.

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