“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4 : Is “Ramona” returning back to the show? Read to find out!

“Santa Clarita Diet” is a horror-comedy TV series. The series is created by Victor Fresco for Netflix. The series made its debut on February 3, 2017, with ten episodes. On 29 March 2017 the second season was renewed which aired 23 March 2018 and on 8 May 2018 the series was renewed for the third season and it aired on 29 March 2019. The series received a good and positive response from its viewers.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4: Season canceled and fans reaction

Netflix canceled the fourth season of the series on 26 April 2019. So, there will be no fourth season of the series until it gets renewed.

Fans were very disappointed and sad that they started a twitter campaign “#SaveSantaClaritaDiet”, for the fourth season renewal. Below is an image of one of the fan –

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4: Cast

The expecting cast of this season if the show gets renewed are –

  • Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond
  • Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond
  • Liv Hewson as Abby Hammond
  • Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bemis
  • Ramona Young as Ramona
  • Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Lisa
  • Joy Osmanski as Alondra
  • Natalie Morales as Anne
  • Jonathan Slavin as Ron
  • Richard T. Jones as Rick

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4: Plot

The plot of the series is about a couple named Joel and Sheila Hammond and their daughter Abby. The couple is a real estate agent in Santa Clarita, California. Sheila starts going through a weird phase. They realized that she is becoming a zombie.

If the season gets renewed then the plot of the fourth season will be in continuation of the third season. In the third season, we saw that Sheila bites Joel. This season we will see Joel turning into a zombie and Ron becoming a part of Sheila’s zombie protecting team.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4: Release Date

After the show was canceled, the team did not say anything about it and they have been keeping a low profile regarding the show.

Right now, we do not know if the fourth season will get renewed or not. Until any official announcement, the series will stay canceled! Let’s wait for the news of the fourth season getting renewed !!





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