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Sucker Punch Productions action game “Ghost of Tsushima” is launching soon: Its going to be the last game of PS4!

As an honour to the samurai legacy, Sucker Punch Productions created Ghost of Tsushima. The action-adventure game is published for PS4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. But as PS4 is nearing its end, this might be the last game to feature on Play Station 4. A game packed with swords, stealth, and grappling hooks, isn’t it all that action lovers crave for? Well then, Ghost of Tsushima is launching soon to put an end to the cravings. Get all the details about it here.

The release date of Ghost of Tsushima

Its time for the gamers to be happy as after years of wild waiting, we are finally getting Ghost of Tsushima this year. The official release date of the game is 17 July 2020. The game was announced three years back. Sucker Punch launched its last video game six years ago. So Ghost of Tsushima is a much-awaited game.

The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima

After years of waiting, we finally got lucky and got details about the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima. And believe us, it was worth all the wait. recently Playstation released an 18 minutes sneak peek of the game through its State of Play broadcast. The gameplay explores action, adventure, stealth, and customization. The gameplay even provides us with a time-slowing targeting system. The developer of the game, Sucker Punch, teased by making a statement that there is so much more to the show in the future.

The gameplay appears beautiful as it takes inspiration from Japan’s history. We will be exploring the vast landscapes of medieval Japan, sounds exciting, right? Ghost of Tsushima gameplay looks like it is going to be a blockbuster game. Well, at least a blockbuster till PS5 enters the market to steal the limelight.

The storyline of Ghost of Tsushima

The game is set on the island of Tsushima which is situated between Korea and Japan. the story follows the last samurai of the island as he tries to free his nation. But in order to achieve this humongous goal, he has to learn a new fighting style called the ghost’s way.

We need a good protagonist for a game to be interesting, thus Ghost of Tsushima provides us with the main character, Jin. And guess what, our Samurai Jin happens to be a master of the sword. Other than that our weaponry is loaded with hooks, spears, and shield slams.

Let us wait till July for this open-world adventure in a stunning Feudal Japan.

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