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“The Good Place Season 5”: Unexpected twist and questioning the philosophical idea of a ‘good place’!

The Good Place is an American comedy-fantasy tv-series created by Michael Schur. The series focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who, after dying, arrives at the ‘Good Place’, a highly selective utopia designed by Michael (Ted Danson) as a reward for the righteous life she led. But Eleanor soon realizes that she was placed there by mistake and tries to hide her morally imperfect past life. The NBC series has aired four seasons containing 53 episodes till now and the runtime of each episode is around 22 minutes. The tv series has consistently held on to a good viewership rating and received critical acclaim for its writing, acting performance, originality, setting, and tone. The fan-favorite series has also been praised for exploring various ethical and philosophical concepts. The award-winning tv series concluded its fourth season in January 2020.

Release Date: The Good Place Season 5

Fans were delighted when the acclaimed tv series was renewed for a fourth season by NBC and were keen on seeing the characters on their screen. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In June 2019, shortly before the fourth season started airing, showrunner Michael Schur confirmed that the fourth season will be the final one for the series. The decision to pull the plug on the series was not due to viewership, rather, it was a creative decision by the show creator which NBC respected.

Plot: The Good Place Season 5

As mentioned before, ‘The Good Place’ is set in a heaven-like utopia. Upon reaching there, Eleanor gets to meet and interact with other residents of the place, all the while wondering why she got placed there and trying to redeem herself. The ending of the first season answered the question by adding an unexpected twist and questioning the philosophical idea of a ‘good place’. In the later seasons, the story builds up from the ‘twist’ ending and explores the idea of redemption, morality, and other philosophical tenets. The nuances to the series make this an extremely intriguing watch.

Though chances are nearly non-existing, if the series does return with the fifth season, it will have plenty of storylines to explore. There are some questions still left unanswered which a fifth season can explain.

Cast & Characters: The Good Place Season 5

The series boasts a strong diverse cast and features both human and celestial beings with many angelic and demonic characters recurring throughout the series. The main cast is apart from the ones already mentioned is: William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye, a deceased professor who is assigned as Eleanor’s soulmate; Jameela Jamil playing as Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased wealthy British philanthropist; D’Arcy Carden portrays Janet, a programmed guide and information bank of the ‘good place’; Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza, a deceased amateur DJ and drug dealer among others.

If a fifth series does happen in the future, fans can expect the familiar faces to return.

Even though it is saddening to see a much-loved series ending only after four seasons, fans will have to come to terms with it. They can, however, still watch the complete four-seasons of the series, available on Netflix.