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“The Undertaker”: Is the “Phenom” really on his “Last Ride”? Read to know more!

Mark William Calaway has finally hung his boots after 33 years in the industry. Who? What? Okay, does “The Undertaker” sound better? Maybe, a lot better? Yes, it’s true. Our childhood has officially come to an end, as the beloved “Phenom” finally announced his retirement yesterday on 21 June 2021. Soon after the announcement, fans were in tears all over the world. Nobody could believe that the “Dead Man” could ever leave the Ring.

Calaway started his professional wrestling career in WCW way back in 1987. Although his ring name at that point was “Mean Mark” Callous, he gained his mainstream popularity when he shifted to WWF as “The Undertaker”. This new horror/supernatural themed gimmick worked wonders and from then, every kid in the block grew up acting out this beloved character. He was one of the main reasons WWE became such a worldwide phenomenon, along with the likes of all-time Greats like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Edge and Triple H. Oh! How could I go forget his legendary match with Shawn Michaels? Keep reading further for one “Last Ride” into the pages of your childhood.

“The Undertaker” (Mark William Calaway): Memorable moments

Over a span of more than 30 years, the Undertaker was part of several storylines and feuds. He was one of the main characters who made the “Attitude Era” what it was, back in the day. Did you know that Kane actually is not his brother? Well well! His feud and teaming up with his “brother” Kane, as the “Brothers of Destruction” was probably one the best things that happened in WWE over the years.

Another of his accomplishment would be his legendary “Streak” in WWE’s annual flagship show “WrestleMania”, where he went 21-0 before being finally defeated by Brock Lesnar in 2014. Another such moment would include the “Raw 1000” episode, where Kane would be surrounded by the underdog wrestlers in the middle of the ring. And at that moment, the lights go off and that familiar spine-chilling entrance music comes on. That aura, that vibe has finally come to an end, and we can’t stop crying!

“The Undertaker” (Mark William Calaway): Relationships

Calaway was married to his first wife Jodi Lynn between 1989 and 1999 and they had a son who was born in 1993. His second marriage with Sara Frank was from 2000 and 2007. They had two daughters together. Right now, Calaway is married to Michelle McCool, who is also a former WWE wrestler and they have a child together.

“The Undertaker” (Mark William Calaway): Reasons for his retirement

Well, although fans hate to accept it, “The Undertaker” had grown a little old. He was 55, and being in this industry for almost 33 years had taken a huge toll on his body. Also, he had accomplished everything any person could have accomplished being a WWE wrestler. As Batman said, ” You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.As of now, his match with AJ Styles would be his last.

All in all, you’ll always be in our hearts, Taker. Thank you for all those memories.