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Top 12 Rabbit alternatives for you (with downloading links)! Absolutely free! Check them all out now!

The RabbitRabbit was one of the best platforms where users were able to watch and share the content with their friends and family. It allowed us to interact and watch the same content with our loved ones. It required a host for the creation of a room and invited his/her favorite people. And it was completely free of cost. Additionally, it also enabled users to chat with others in the form of texts or video calls.

However, the company had no choice but to shut down last year. But the lack of venture capital (VC) funding and other intellectual property issues forced it to close down for good. Amanda Richardson, Rabbit CEO, confirmed this news in July 2019. Furthermore, all of its remaining assets were sold to one of its prominent rivals, Kast.

That’s why we have 12 best Rabbit alternatives for all of you to use! Enjoy!

1. Two seven

Two seven is one of the most popular Rabbit’s competitors when it comes to video streaming. Like Rabbit, it also helps you to watch movies and TV shows with your closed ones. It comprises of the Night Mode and the Theatre Mode. Plus, text and video chats, voice messages, live reactions, and many more exciting features are available on this service.

If you are thinking about connecting it with various notable streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and many more, then you must download its chrome extension.

Official Website:

Two seven

2. Meta stream

Meta stream is another worthy competitor of Rabbit in the field of streaming services. You can connect to many people via live streaming, and there will be no hindrance at all. Similarly, it enables us to connect with our friends and family.

However, the Meta stream is one step behind Rabbit because of a lack of downloaded media streaming, webcam, voice messages, and other features. But it’s quite famous for its amazing live synchronization playback. It works very well with many platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, etc.

Official website:

Meta stream

3. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is also an excellent video streaming platform in terms of watching video content, playing music and connecting with your buddies. Like Meta stream, it also possesses an outstanding synchronization playback. Rabbit lacked this feature at that time.

You don’t have to register yourself in order to create a room. Text and video chat, audio messages, and many more basic features are already present in it. You can also use some awesome GIFs to make your chats exciting. Various famous platforms like YouTube, Sound loud, Dailymotion, and others perfectly support it.

Official Website:


4. SyncLounge

SyncLounge can be a very good replacement for Rabbit, especially if you use Plex. You can connect your Plex account to SyncLounge and join a room with your friends and family. Of course, the room is private, and no one can access it without your invitation link.

Its synchronization playback is not as great as its other well-established rivals, but still, it does a great job at it. It has its own servers to perform the task. Also, you can interact with your closed ones via chats. But it doesn’t have the video chat facility.

Official Website:


5. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a solid co-watching platform. But you can access only Netflix movies and TV shows in it. You will not find any outside content on this website. Its synchronized video playback helps you in watching your favorite shows and movies with the people you like.

But it also has some serious flaws in it. Other than its limited availability to Netflix contents only, it also lacks the voice message and webcam features. However, you can group chat with your buddies. You can also use various emojis and GIFs to get rid of boring chats.

Official Website:

Netflix Party

6. Airtime

Airtime is one of those rare video streaming platforms which can be accessed from our mobile phones too. It doesn’t matter if you are an Android or iOS user, it works perfectly fine on our devices. You can simultaneously watch YouTube videos, play songs, do group chats, and many more things on it. It provides many animated stickers, emojis, GIFs to use in our chats.

Probably the most striking feature in Airtime is its ability to simultaneously support audio commentary and media playback. It’s a perfect alternate for Rabbit.





7. Sharetube

You don’t have to subscribe to Sharetube in order to enjoy its contents. Open this website to create or join a room. You have to copy the video’s URL from YouTube and paste it in your room. That’s it!

If you are interested in talking to your friends, then there is a group chat facility in Sharetube. But it doesn’t have any emoji or GIF. It lacks many features. But, if you ignore its cons, then you have a very great platform in terms of simplicity and high-quality video streaming.

Official Website:


8. Syncplay

Syncplay is a pretty good streaming service in recent times. Just download your favorite content and watch it with others via Syncplay. It excels in playing the offline media pretty smoothly. It can be used effortlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Additionally, it also supports many popular media players like VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, and many more. Like many other platforms, just create a private room and share movies, TV shows, and videos with your closed ones.

But, it’s major flaw is its inability to conduct chats with your friends and family. We are unable to interact with anyone on Syncplay.

Official Website:



my is a wonderful video co-streaming platform and also works as a very good replacement of Rabbit. Unlike Sharetube, it connects not only with YouTube but also with other video platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others. Just create a room for your buddies and share the URLs with them.

Its synchronization playback works very well. However, if you are looking to send voice messages or do a video chat with someone, then you are in the wrong place. You can’t perform both tasks on it.

Official Website:


10. Rave

Like Airtime, Rave is a terrific mobile application for video streaming. It has all the features of replacing Rabbit from its solidified position except its inability to simultaneously support video chat and content watching. It allows you to interact with your invited people via voice and video chat. It permits you to watch videos from various platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.

The best feature of Rave is that you can sync your device with other mobile phones and play the songs as loud as you can. The synchronized devices collectively work as a single big speaker.





11. AnimeParty

As the name suggests, AnimeParty can be utilized only to stream exciting and action-packed Anime contents. Like other video streaming websites, you have to build a room for your friends and watch Anime shows with them.

AnimeParty differs from other websites as it possesses its own Anime library. It frees you from searching the goddamn downloading links. Plus, it has a group chat feature that enables you to communicate with hour friends. You can tackle some minor issues while playing the video. Plus, you can’t connect with someone through a webcam from it.

Official Website:


12. Parsec

Our last Rabbit alternative is Parsec. Its mainly a game streaming platform. But video streaming is available in it. But its synchronization playback is not very good. It was made especially for all the gamers to play and interact with their friends.

But you can connect with your teammates and play games together on Parsec. There are no audio messaging and video chat features on this website.

Official Website:


That’s it, folks! We showed you our list of 12 best Rabbit alternatives! We hope you liked it! Keep visiting Nextalerts for more updates.